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Nirmala Ramanujam

OSA Awards & Distinctions

Dr. Nirmala Ramanujam is an innovator, educator and entrepreneur. Her mission is to develop technology that will have wide reaching impact in women’s health. She directs the center for Global Women’s Health Technologies at Duke where she empowers trainees at Duke and beyond to create impactful solutions to improve the lives of women and girls globally.

Dr. Ramanujam’s research on women’s cancers has centered on translational and laboratory research of relevance to breast and cervical cancer. In the case of cervical cancer prevention, her focus is to develop strategies that reduce attrition to treatment including early screening and diagnostics. In the breast cancer care cascade, she focused on molecular and metabolic imaging to prevent recurrence. A third area in her research program focuses on low cost ablative strategies for local control of cancer in resource limited settings.

She is a Fellow of OSA, and recipient of the 2020 Michael S. Feld Biophotonics Award.

Document Created: 4 Feb 2020
Last Updated: 5 Jun 2020