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Mitsuo Takeda

OSA Awards & Distinctions

OSA Fellow Mitsuo Takeda is Professor of CORE at Utsunomiya University, and Professor Emeritus of the University of Electro-Communications (UEC), Tokyo. He received a BE (1969) in Electrical Engineering from UEC, and ME (1971), and Ph.D. (1974) in Applied Physics from the University of Tokyo. After working for Canon Inc., he joined the faculty of UEC in 1977. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University (1985) and a Humboldt Guest Professor at ITO, Stuttgart University (2013-2014).

He is known for theiInvention of the Fourier-transform method for fringe analysis (known also by the name of Fourier fringe analysis), which is used in wide areas of optical metrology with its applications expanding beyond traditional optical interferometry and profilometry, to the measurement of extreme physical phenomena that involve ultrashort optical pulses, extremely small atomic displacement, and unconventional interferometry with electron wave, X-ray and EUV sources. He has also done seminal work on coherence holography for coherence synthesis and unconventional imaging. For his work, he has received many awards, including the 2020 Emmett N. Leith Medal from OSA.

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Last Updated: 5 Jun 2020