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Gisele Bennett

OSA Awards & Distinctions

OSA Board of Director Gisele Bennett is a Regents’ Researcher, an Associate Vice President for Research for Faculty Integration, and a Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).  She is the Glenn Robinson Chair in Electro-Optics at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI).  Prior to that, she was the Director of the Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL) at GTRI.  As the former director of EOSL, she led a group of over 120 engineers, scientists, and students in a diverse applied research environment with sponsored funding reaching $50M per year in some years.  The diverse research portfolio included areas in EO modeling and Analysis, Remote Sensing, LIDAR, EO systems design, and software development for sensor integration and analysis.  Her research interests are broad and include coherence theory applications to optical imaging systems, atmospheric turbulence, wave propagation, RFID, and related tagging technologies.

She holds patents on RFID and Container Security devices and a copyright on a computer model for Wave Propagation through the atmosphere.  She has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and a certificate in Management of Technology from Georgia Tech. 

Her OSA volunteer roles both past and current include:  Division Chair for Information Acquisition, Processing and Display for OSA Board of Meetings; Topical Editor and Features Editor for Applied Optics; Chair, Strategic Committee for Imaging Congress; OSA Traveling Lecturer; Chair and member of Forman Engineering Excellence Awards Committee; Chair and member of Ester Hoffman Beller Award Committee; and Chair and member of the technical committee for IS and COSI Topical Meetings.


Document Created: 13 Feb 2019
Last Updated: 18 Aug 2020