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F. Tito Arecchi, V

OSA Awards & Distinctions

F. Tito Arecchi, V was born in 1933 in Reggio Calabria, Italy. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the Politecnico di Milano in 1957. He has held many teaching positions throughout his career. He currently is Emeritus of Physics at the University of Firenze and is the Scientific Associate of Istituto Nazionale di Ottica del CNR.

Arecchi is a Fellow of OSA, and a member of the Italian Physical Society, Italian Society of Optics and Photonics, Academie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences, Academia Europaea, and the Accademia Colombaria. He has published more than 450 papers and served as editor on a number of journals all over the world. He was the recipient of the 1995 Max Born Award from OSA.

His main scientific contributions include cooperative effects in quantum optics, photon statistics and laser fluctuations, deterministic chaos in optics, pattern formation in extended media, and complex phenomena and cognitive processes.

F. Tito Arecchi V died on 15 February 2021, please see OSA's memorial entry.

Document Created: 4 Feb 2020
Last Updated: 4 Feb 2020