OSA | Living History

Over a Century of Optics & Photonics

OSA’s story is one of steadily increasing diversity, as the society builds on a long-standing commitment to fully reflect the ever-greater global reach and inclusiveness of optical science.

OSA arose at a time of immense uncertainty, with Europe embroiled in 1916’s “Great War.” Yet OSA’s birth also reflected a spirit of optimism, flowing from the preceding half-century’s amazing progress in optical science. And that optimistic spirit has been borne out repeatedly in the succeeding 100 years.

Emerging Leaders: OSA's Ambassadors

Clara Saraceno: 2019 Ambassador

Clara Saraceno

2019 Ambassador, Plenary Speaker 2019 Laser Congress

Aline Dinkelaker: 2016 Ambassador

Aline Dinkelaker

2016 Ambassador

Dan Christensen: 2018 Ambassador

Dan Christensen

2018 Ambassador

Yoshitomo Okawachi: 2017 Ambassador

Yoshitomo Okawachi

2017 Ambassador

Arlene Smith: 2017 Ambassador

Arlene Smith

2017 Ambassador

We are only at the beginning of what optics technology can do,
The Optical Society and its members will continue to be at the forefront of advancing the science of light.
Alan Willner, 2016 OSA President