Online Directories

Online Directories

Find answers to common questions about OSA's Directory search.
Use the “*” symbol.
Log in to My Account. You will be able to update all the information that is displayed from the various tabs. If you have multiple records, report it to and let us know what information should be listed as your current information.
Log in to My Account and check the opt out flag on the Contact Information tab.
OSA members will see all the information for everyone: name, contact information, technical interests, member interest groups, and traveling lecturer topics. Registered users will see only the name, affiliation and member type.
The Individual Directory includes OSA members and registered users who have not opted out of appearing in the directory. The Corporate Member Directory contains information about OSA’s organization members.
In order to protect our customers’ data from abusive practices, we block the copy function after page 4. You may narrow your search to enable the copy function.
OSA has an open system where individuals, authors, editors and award nominators may create new records. This may result in the creation of a duplicate record. If you want to report a duplicate, send it to We appreciate your effort!

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