Color (VC)

The Color Technical Group works on all aspects related to the physics, physiology, and psychology of color in biological and machine vision, including, but not limited to, color discrimination, color perception and color appearance; color rendering, color in lighting and illumination engineering; standardization of the human cone and rod fundamentals; photometric quantities related to cones, rods, and melanopsin; and color properties of emerging display and lighting technologies.


Congratulations to Marie Rogers, University of Sussex, who won the OSA Student Poster Award at ICVS 2015. Marie's winning poster was titled "Using maximum likelihood conjoint measurement to establish the contributions of chroma and lightness to colour judgments" and was co-authored by Kenneth Knoblauch and Anna Franklin.

Angela M. Brown Ohio State UniversityVice Chair
John Dixon Mollon University of CambridgeCo-Chair
Manuel Spitschan  Co-Chair
Rigmor C. Baraas University College of Southeast NorwayMember
Jon Y Hardeberg NTNUMember
Francisco Imai Apple Inc.Member

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