Technical Group Leadership Volunteers

OSA Technical Group Leadership Election

Become a leader in your community by volunteering to lead an OSA Technical Group! OSA is looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to lead select technical groups and help foster the sense of community among their members. Make a positive impact within your scientific community by applying to lead one of the technical groups currently seeking a new chair by 19 November 2018.


Apply for a technical group leadership position now!


Our Technical Group Chairs are:

  • OSA Members
  • Early career professionals and recent graduates
  • Established professionals in academia or industry
  • Motivated to make a lasting impression on their OSA community


What You Will Do As Chair:

  • Serve a three year term
  • Appoint an executive committee to help you lead the group
  • Ensure your technical group is actively engaging members in your field
  • Plan and host events at OSA meetings, including special talks, workshops, panel discussions, poster sessions, networking events, etc.
  • Organize webinars on hot topics in your field
  • Share news and information with your members through your listserv and on social media
  • Propose and develop special issues of OSA Journals
  • Propose an OSA Incubator Meeting on an emerging topic
  • Submit an annual report on your activities to the OSA Board of Meetings
  • Attend the OSA Technical Group Leadership Meeting at Frontiers in Optics


In addition to these activities, OSA Technical Group chairs are also encouraged to develop their own ideas into new and unique events for their members. OSA staff will guide you through the process and provide assistance every step of the way as you plan your activities.

If you are interested in serving as a technical group leader, you may apply by completing the application by 19 November 2018. As part of this process, you will need to submit your CV, a photo and a motivation statement. Your motivation statement (500 characters max.) should provide an idea of why you want to lead an OSA Technical Group as well as outline the activities you would like to develop in order to engage the group’s technical community. Members of each participating technical group will have an opportunity to review this information and vote for their new leader later this month.

Apply for a technical group leadership position now!

IMPORTANT: Please select all technical groups you would like to apply to lead at once on the nomination form, as you will not be able to return to the page after you submit the form.