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Technical Group Leadership Volunteers

OSA Technical Group Leadership Election

OSA is pleased to announce the new chair-elects for 22 OSA Technical Groups. OSA Technical Groups are vibrant and active communities that connect OSA members with colleagues and leaders within specialized topic areas from around the world. The announced individuals will serve as chair-elect of their group through December 2021 and will then serve as chair for a three-year term starting in 2022.

Elected by their fellow members, these individuals will be responsible for selecting an executive committee to collaborate with to foster the sense of community among the members of their group. Working together, they will organize special events featuring tailored programming, host webinars on hot topics, and share information on the latest developments in their field on throughout their three-year terms. The new OSA Technical Group leaders are:

Applied Spectroscopy: Marta Duchi, University of Zurich

Display Technology: Kai-Han Chang, General Motors R&D

Fiber Modeling and Fabrication: Deepak Jain, University of Sydney

Fiber Optics Technology & Applications: Deepak Jain, University of Sydney

Fundamental Laser Sciences: Alex Fuerbach, Macquarie University

Holography and Diffractive Optics: Ivan Divliansky, University of Central Florida, CREOL

Imaging Optical Design: Marie-Anne Burcklen, Institut Fresnel

Integrated Photonics: Yoshitomo Okawachi, Columbia University

Laser Systems: Santasri Bose-Pillai, Air Force Institute of Technology

Nanophotonics: Sejeong Kim, University of Melbourne

NonImaging Optical Design: Maryna Meretska, Harvard University

Optical Biosensors: Santosh Kumar, Liaocheng University

Optical Communications: Anastasiia Vasylchenkova, University College London

Optical Fabrication and Testing: Christopher Holmes, University of Southampton

Optical Trapping & Manipulation in Molecular & Cellular Biology: Simon Hanna, University of Bristol

Optics for Energy: Nikhil Deep Gupta, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology

Optics in Digital Systems: Ghanshyam Singh, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur

Quantum Computing and Communication: Katia Shtyrkova, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Short Wavelength Sources and Attosecond/High Field Physics: Balazs Major, ELI-ALPS, University of Szeged

Therapeutic Laser Applications: Stephen Wong, Houston Methodist Hospital

Thin Films: Yi-Jun Jen, National Taipei University of Technology

Vision: Christina Schwarz, University of Tübingen