Photonic Detection

This group involves the detection of photons as received from images, data links, and experimental spectroscopic studies to mention a few. Within its scope, it is involved in the design, fabrication, testing of single and arrayed detectors. Detector materials, structures, and readout circuitry needed to translate photons into electrical signals are considered by this group. Also included in this group is the integration of components such as lens, cold shields, and readout electronics into cameras. Research into higher efficiency, lower noise, and/or wavelength tunability is included here. Additionally, techniques to mitigate noise and clutter sources that degrade detector performance are within the purview of this group. In the imaging area, camera design, componentry, and circuitry are considered.

Girija Gaur SiLC Technologies, Inc.Chair
Achyut Dutta Banpil Photonics, IncVice Chair
Giuseppe D'Aguanno University of Maryland Baltimore CountyChair Elect
Rajan Jha Indian Inst of Technology, BhubaneswarEvents Officer, Asia Pacific Region
Chi Xiong IBM TJ Watson Research Center Events Officer, United States
Shuren Hu GlobalFoundriesEvents Officer, United States/Asia Pacific Region
Gabriel Cooper Spalding Illinois Wesleyan UniversityMember

If you are a member of the Photonic Detection Technical Group and have ideas for activities and initiatives to help engage this community, please share them with the chair, Girija Gaur.


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