Laser Systems (PL)

This group encompasses novel laser system development for a broad range of scientific, industrial, medical, remote sensing and other directed-energy applications. The group addresses technical issues concerning sources that cover the full spectral range, including: ultraviolet, visible, infrared, terahertz and microwave. Strong overlap with other technical groups that study and develop laser techniques and technologies brings together researchers and engineers to produce sources with unique performance, such as high-power, ultra-short pulses and high coherence.

You can watch any of the following webinar presentations, which were hosted by the OSA Laser Systems Technical Group, on-demand.

Fatima Toor University of IowaChair
Gleb Vdovin TU DelftEvents Officer (Europe)
Haining Yang Roadmap Systems LtdEvents Officer (Europe)
Shyh-Lin Tsao  Events Officer (US and Asia Pacific)
Robert Ian Woodward Macquarie UniversityEvents Officer (US and Asia Pacific)
Pengda Hong Lehigh UniversityEvents Officer (US)
Katia Shtyrkova MIT Lincoln LaboratoryEvents Officer (US)
Shamsul Arafin Ohio State UniversityVice Co-Chair
Silvano Donati Universita degli Studi di PaviaVice Co-Chair
Moran Chen University of VirginiaWebinar and Social Media Officer
Xiaoming Shang Candela CorpWebinar and Social Media Officer
Xuewen Shu Huazhong Univ of Science and TechnologyWebinar and Social Media Officer
Yanchun Yin University of Central Florida, CREOLWebinar and Social Media Officer
Tong Zhou Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryWebinar and Social Media Officer

Upcoming Applied Optics Feature Issue
The Laser Systems Technical Group will be organizing a feature issue of Applied Optics on near- to mid-IR (1-13 µm) III-V semiconductor lasers.

This special issue will focus on recent advances in the field of III-V semiconductor lasers emitting in the near- to mid-infrared spectral regions, with particular emphasis on devices that emit radiation with wavelengths between 1 and 13 µm. 

Submissions for this feature issue will be accepted from 1 May2017 until 1 June 2017.

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