Photonic Metamaterials (OP)

Photonic Metamaterials

This group provides a forum for those working on problems related to fundamental and applied aspects of waves in random and periodically nanostructured materials as well as plasmonics. Random media encompasses transmission through, scattering from, and imaging in turbulent and static disordered media as well as the statistical nature of wave propagation and its connection to photon diffusion and localization. Partial coherence, coherent backscattering, temporal, spectral and spatial correlation within the speckle pattern, and random lasing are important topics in this area. The focus on periodic media is exciting because such nano-fabricated structures enable photonic engineering of metamaterials with novel properties. Examples include left-handed materials, negative index materials and photonic and plasmonic bandgap materials. These structured materials allow the control of spontaneous emission and lasing. Other areas of interest include plasmonic nanomaterials, transmission through voids in metallic surfaces, and scattering from metal dielectric surfaces. Optical enhancements in metallic and dielectric systems and their applications to photon guiding and sensing are also important.

You are invited to join the Photonic Metamaterials for these upcoming webinars:

Metaphotonics and Metasurfaces Empowered by Mie Resonances

When:15 December 2020, 18:00 - 19:00 Eastern Time

Metamaterials were initially suggested for the realization of negative-index media, and later they became a paradigm for engineering electromagnetic space and controlling propagation of waves. However, applications of metamaterials in optics are limited due to inherent losses in metals employed for the realization of artificial optical magnetism.

Recently, we observed the emergence of a new field of all-dielectric resonant metaphotonics aiming at the manipulation of strong optically-induced electric and magnetic Mie-type resonances in dielectric nanostructures with high refractive index. Unique advantages of dielectric resonant nanostructures over their metallic counterparts are low dissipative losses and the enhancement of both electric and magnetic fields that provide competitive alternatives for some problems in plasmonics including optical nanoantennas, biosensors, active metasurfaces, and metadevices.

In this webinar hosted by the OSA Photonic Metamaterials Technical Group, Yuri Kivshar of Australian National University will discuss applications of all-dielectric Mie-resonant metaphotonics in active and nonlinear nanophotonics as well as the recently emerged fields of topological photonics.

Advancing Photonic Device Design and Quantum Measurements with Machine Learning

When: 27 January 2021, 16:00 - 17:00 Eastern Time

Join the OSA Photonic Metamaterials Technical Group for a webinar with Alexandra Boltasseva from Purdue University on advancing photonic device design and quantum measurements with machine learning. Discovering unconventional optical designs via machine-learning promises to advance on-chip circuitry, imaging, sensing, energy, and quantum information technology. In this webinar, photonic design approaches and emerging material platforms will be discussed showcasing machine-learning-assisted topology optimization for thermophotovoltaic metasurface designs and machine-learning-enabled quantum optical measurements.

On-Demand Photonic Metamaterials Webinars

You can watch any of the following webinar presentations, which were hosted by the OSA Photonic Metamaterials Technical Group, on-demand.

Wei-Ting Chen Harvard UniversityChair
Dimitrios Tzarouchis University of PennsylvaniaChair-Elect
Haoran Ren LMU MunichEvent Officer
Md Saad-Bin-Alam University of OttawaEvent Officer
Maxim Radikovich Shcherbakov Cornell UniversityWebinar Officer

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