Fundamental Laser Sciences (OF)

Fundamental Laser Sciences

This group covers the study of material systems and the basic physics involved in demonstrating new lasing systems or discovering new lasing phenomena. Potential new laser systems might be discovered in gases, crystals, amorphous and ceramic materials, semiconductors and liquids. This includes fundamentally new laser approaches that introduce new wavelengths, increase power and efficiency, circumvent thermal issues, and improve beam quality.  It also covers new operating regimes that for instance generate ultra-short pulses, or extend the range of laser wavelengths. Studies of new quantum and waveguide effects, including quantum dot and photonic band gap structures designed to lower thresholds, generate new or controlled frequencies, and/or permit lasing in previous regimes are within the purview of this group.

On-Demand Webinars

You can watch any of the following webinar presentations, which were hosted by the OSA Fundamental Laser Sciences Technical Group, on-demand.

The executive committee of the Fundamental Laser Sciences Technical Group has selected a number of papers that may be of interest to our members for our first monthly paper burst. We've selected the following papers for everyone to enjoy:

1. Sreekanth Perumbilavil et al. - Beaming random lasers with soliton control 

2. Vishwa Pal et al. - Generating flat-top beams with extended depth of focus 

3. Jinhan Ren et al. - Unidirectional light emission in PT-symmetric microring lasers

4. Pierre Pichon et al. - Light-emitting diodes: a new paradigm for Ti:sapphire pumping 

5. Vincent Fortin et al. - Power Scaling of 2.94 µm Fiber Lasers 

6. Ramon A. Martinez et al. - Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation from 1.6 to >11 μm using concatenated step-index fluoride and chalcogenide fibers

7. José A. Rivera et al. - Fractal modes and multi-beam generation from hybrid microlaser resonators 

Jonathan Evans US Air Force Research LaboratoryChair
Robert T. Murray Imperial College LondonVice Chair
Saima Husaini LGS InnovationsEvents Officer
Darryl Naidoo CSIR - NLCSocial Media Officer

If you are a member of the Fundamental Laser Sciences Technical Group and have ideas for activities and initiatives to help engage this community, please share them with the chair, Jonathan Evans.


View OSA Technical Group webinars on-demand at any time or register for any of our upcoming webinars online. Each webinar is an hour long and features a technical presentation on a topic selected by your OSA Technical Groups.

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