Image Sensing and Pattern Recognition (IR)

Image Sensing and Pattern Recognition (IR)

Graphicrepresenting image sensingThis group is concerned with analog and digital processing in sensing and imaging systems, algorithms for sensor system control and for data analysis, sensor networks and data fusion, pattern recognition and tracking. Examples include computational image formation (e.g. computed tomography, image interferometry), image compression, image enhancement, image evaluation, image quality, image reconstruction, inverse problems, pattern recognition, phase retrieval, properties of image transforms, signal recovery, signal synthesis, and superresolution. Emerging areas within this group include integrated computational imaging systems, sparse aperture sensor arrays, biometric sensors for information and physical security, real-time pattern recognition systems and novel diffuse and projective tomographies.

Edmund Y. Lam University of Hong KongChair
Stanley H. Chan Purdue UniversityCommittee Member
Ni Chen Seoul National UniversityCommittee Member
Pengda Hong Lehigh UniversityCommittee Member
Jun Ke Beijing Institute of TechnologyCommittee Member
Zongfu Yu University of Wisconsin-MadisonCommittee Member

Congratulations to Edmund Lam, the new chair of the Image Sensing and Pattern Recognition Technical Group! If you are a member of this group and have ideas for activities and initiatives to help engage this community, please share them with Edmund as he begins his term as chair.


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