Display Technology (IT)

This group focuses on the various aspects of display technologies including the physical display media, algorithms needed to visualize data, systems and subsystems that present the display, and data formatting needed to interface with the physical display technologies used. New device technologies used for display incorporating OLEDs, holography, MEMS, etc. are within the scope of this group. The evolving field of 3-D display including 3-D data formation, lightfield processing, and 3-D television and electronic cinema are also within the scope of this group. Display holography has been a thrust of this group and expanded efforts on digital as well as analog processes and materials are expected. Techniques for improving visual quality of displays and reducing energy consumption are also of relevance to the group. The group will also investigate display and sensor technologies used for creating augmented reality and interactive environments including interactive control and display algorithms, opto-electronic interfaces, mechanical devices and optical sensors required for implementing interactivity.

Ali Ozgur YONTEM University of CambridgeChair
Alexandra W.D. Bremers Jaguar Land RoverSocial Media Officer
Golshan K. Coleiny LEDVANCEWebinar Officer

The Display Technology Technical Group recently hosted the following two webinars for their members, which are now available to view on-demand:


The Display Technology Technical Group hosted the first ever Illumicon gathering at the 2016 Imaging and Applied Optics Congress in Hiedelberg, Germany. The event brought together over 30 individuals to discuss topics related to advanced displays.

You can read the notes from the first Illumicon online now!