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Systems and Instrumentation (FS)

Systems and Instrumentation

This group takes a systems approach to integrate several disciplines into an instrument. The individual components can include aspects from the various division and technical groups of the OSA with the goal of achieving a desired function and performance. Additionally, thermal and vibrational effects, life cycle issues, and so forth are included in this group. Examples include spacecrafts, telescope systems, and commercial optics.

On-Demand Webinars

You can watch any of the following webinar presentations, which were hosted by the OSA Systems and InstrumentationTechnical Group, on-demand.

Karel Zidek TOPTEC research center, IPP CASChair
Felipe Andres Aguilar Universidad de AysénVice Chair
Laurence Young Fluidic Analytics LtdEvents Officer
Tahseen Kamal University of New South Wales CanberraSocial Media Officer
Kainan Wang Wuhan UniversitySocial Media Officer
Niamh Fitzgerald mBryonics LtdWebinar Officer

If you are a member of the Systems and Instrumentation Technical Group and have ideas for activities and initiatives to help engage this community, please share them with the chair, Karel Zidek.


View OSA Technical Group webinars on-demand at any time or register for any of our upcoming webinars online. Each webinar is an hour long and features a technical presentation on a topic selected by your OSA Technical Groups.