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NonImaging Optical Design’s Silent Online Contest

New from the OSA Technical Groups

NIO Silent Contest


Congratulations to the winners of the 1st NonImaging Optical Design Silent Online Contest!

Fabian Duerr
Fabian Duerr, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, winner of the Jury’s Selection Award.

Diogo Canavarro
Diogo Canavarro, University of Évora, winner of the Viewer’s Choice Award.



You know the extraordinary impact nonimaging optics technology has played in making technological advances in our world and the critical role it plays in everyday life, but when you tell people you work in the field of optics, they probably think you are referring to eye glasses.

What’s optics have to do with it? As an enabling technology, nonimaging optics is increasingly becoming a crucial component to the products we use every day. Light emitting dioses are revolutionizing the illumination industry and nonimagining optics, with its unique ability to handle these new light sources, is playing a crucial role in that revolution. Not only efficient energy usage is crucial these days, however; production of clean energy is also of foremost importance. Nonimaging optics is well positioned to give a significant contribution by harnessing the power of the sun. Many other applications are also being developed. Participants in the NIO Silent Contest were asked to demonstrate how their technology has impacted our world through silent slide-show presentations, which were voted on by the public and the executive committee of the Nonimaging Optical Design Technical Group.

Nonimaging Optics is Transforming Our Lives – View the Winning Presentations to See How!


Moveable free-form optics design to achieve compact, high-efficiency sunlight harvesting

Abstract | Full Presentation (PPT - Reccomended Version)

Abstract | Full Presentation


Advances in high-concentration solar thermal optics using the SMS method

Abstract | Full Presentation (PPT - Reccomended Version)

Abstract | Full Presentation (pdf)