NonImaging Optical Design (FN)

NonImaging Optical Design

MeetingThis group encompasses the design and characterization of illumination systems using modeling techniques. Non-sequential design techniques, including both software and tailoring methods provide the tools to design efficient optical components that provide the desired distribution at the target. Typical applications include solar energy, lighting, and displays.


Fabian Duerr Vrije Universiteit BrusselChair
Rengmao Wu Zhejiang UniversityVice Chair
Aleksandra Cvetkovic Light Prescriptions Innovators LLCSocial Media Officer
Pablo Zamora Limbak 4Pi S.L.Webinar Officer

If you are a member of the NonImaging Optical Design Technical Group and have ideas for activities that may be of interest to your fellow members, please share them with the group's leader, Fabian Duerr.

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