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Employee Identification Number

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Student Chapters can potentially accumulate large sums of money through fund-raising and other special events. To appropriately declare this income, each chapter must obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). In order to obtain funds from OSA, each U.S. Student Chapter must provide their EIN on all check request forms. Once a chapter has been assigned an EIN, a chapter officer should send it to OSA at

Special Instructions for completing the Application for Employer Identification Number IRS Form SS-4

Click here to download a copy of the Employer Identification Number Form SS–4.


The information provided on this page are examples on how to fill out the necessary forms to obtain an EIN number. For further guidance please contact the IRS, your tax consultant or click here to go directly to the IRS information on Employer Identification Number (EIN)

1. Use chapter name as shown in your Bylaws.
2. Leave this line blank unless different from name on line 1.
3. Insert name of chapter president or (with permission) faculty advisor. Correspondence from the IRS to the chapter will be addressed to this person.
4a/4b. If the chapter has it's own Post Office Box or mailing address, use this address. Otherwise, use the mailing address of one of the chapter officers or (with permission) the faculty advisor.
5a/5b. If the chapter has an actual address different than the mailing address listed in 4a, use that address here. Otherwise, use the mailing address used in line 4a/4b.
6. List the county and state of your school.
7. Insert name of chapter president or (with permission) faculty advisor.
8a. Check "Other/Non Profit Organization" and insert "Educational" in blank space.
8b. Leave this line blank.
9. Check "Other" and insert "Need EIN" in blank space.
10. Insert the date the chapter was organized, if known. Otherwise, insert "unknown."
11. List the month in which you complete your annual report.
12/13. If the chapter has (and expects to have) no employees, insert "N/A" in line 12 and "0" in each block in line 13.
14. Check "Other" and insert "Student Education."
15. "N/A"
16a. "No"

Signature: The application should be signed and dated by the chapter president, chapter officer or faculty advisor.