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Chapter Grant Opportunities

Chapters are eligible for a vareity of benefits each year:

  • The ability to attend the Student Leadership Conference
  • The ability to host an IONS conference
  • Managment funding for routine chapter activities and maintenance
  • Special Program Grant funding for large-scale activities
  • Diversity & Inclusion funding
  • Education kits like the Optics Suitcase
  • Traveling Lecturer invitations
  • And many more!

To access these benefits chapters must be considered "active", meaning they have produced an Annual Report and have five OSA student members as part of the roster (four of whom must serve in officer roles).

To access these benefits, please visit the Grants Database.

2021 Grant Schedule

Annual Report
Funding period: 1 December 2020 / Close: 31 January 2021

The Annual Report process allows your chapter to request funding for the entire year for: routine chapter maintenance, larger-scale programs, diversy & inclusion events, and education kits.

Traveling Lecturer
Funding period: Rolling

Your chapter is eligible to invite a lecturer to your university. Generally, only one lecturer is allowed per chapter per year. Applications are considered on a rolling basis and will conclude when the benefit is depleted.

Special Program
Funding period: Quarterly

If your chapter is looking to host a larger-scale event, this is the grant you want to apply for.