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Manage A Chapter

Manage A Chapter

In order to remain eligible for benefits and ensure that your chapter is receiving all necessary communications, make sure you review the following:

Good Standing

All OSA Student Chapters must be in good standing to be eligible for benefits. To be in good standing, your chapter must:

Benefits affected by chapter standing:

How to become a chapter in good standing:

  1. Confirm which chapter members are OSA Student Members by viewing your Chapter Roster. Primary chapter officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) can login to MyAccount, select 'Student Chapter' and view the OSA Membership status of all chapter members. 
  2. Encourage your friends and colleagues who are not already OSA Student Members to join OSA.
  3. Hold recruitment events to encourage new members to join your chapter, and ensure they join OSA too!

Student Chapter Portal & Officer/Member Updates

Primary chapter officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) can login to your OSA accounts at to view the list of officers as well as the roster of all chapter members.

Updating Chapter Officers/Members

Chapters now have the ability to update their own rosters.  Only active leadership positions can make changes to the chapter roster. 

To do this, follow these promots:

  1. Visit and login using your personal email
  2. Select "Student Chapter" in the top right
  3. Go to Leadership and Membership modules to add/remove as needed

Please utilize these instructions to assist (pdf pdf).  Please do not make any modifications to your record until the very end or you will be booted from the system.

OSA Grants Database

The Grants Database can be accessed at Use this guide to get started

Annual Report

Each year, all chapters are required to provide an Annual Report to OSA which is available in the OSA Grants Database. More information is available at