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How to Host an IONS Conference

IONS events take place at universities around the world. These meetings help to advance technical knowledge and provide great opportunities for colleague networking. Organizing an IONS conference provides students with a valuable and fun experience. It all begins with a student chapter stepping forward to host an IONS event at their school. OSA staff is ready to help!

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Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Complete and submit the Host an Event Form. Once your form is received, you will be emailed information to help you organize your event.

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Step 2: Reserve a meeting room (or other space needed) at your university. Note: Some of your attendees may need hotel accommodations. Your university may be able to help you identify low-cost options for your out-of-town attendees.

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Step 3: Organize your meeting content. OSA provides support for guest speaker and other funding. Chapters are also encouraged to seek sponsorships and funding from other organizations. Visit for information and assistance with managing you meeting’s registration.

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Step 4: Promote your event and plan to record your key speakers. OSA staff is ready to help! Email