Optics Legislative Network

Optics Legislative Network

The Optics Legislative Network (OLN) is a collection of OSA members interested in U.S. public policy and legislative issues. This network of scientists, engineers and business professionals provides a voice for the optics and photonics community on the importance of R&D funding, science education, innovation and other science policy issues. Sign up today!

(Note: Non-OSA members can sign up for the OLN by emailing public-policy@osa.org.)

As a member of OLN, you will:

  • Receive e-mail alerts and updates on science-related policy issues.
  • Learn about opportunities to participate in OSA grassroots advocacy activities.
  • Get valuable tips, hints and resources on making your voice heard on Capitol Hill and beyond.

Examples of OLN Alert topics include:

  • Contact Your Legislator about R&D Funding Levels
  • SBIR Program Update
  • Status of America COMPETES legislation
  • Sign up for Capitol Hill Day

Why participate?

  • OLN is a way to ensure your members of Congress hear directly from you - a constituent scientist - on how legislation will impact your state/district.
  • OLN offers the opportunity to meet with your members of Congress through the annual Congressional Visits Day or local district visits.
  • OLN provides an easy way to add your input and scientific knowledge to the policy-making process.

If you have any questions about OLN, please email OSA's government relations team at public-policy@osa.org


Virtual Advocacy Week

Virtual Advocacy Week provides OSA Members with an opportunity to share with members of Congress issues of importance to the science community through writing their representative and senators using the OSA online letter writing system.

For the 2016 Virtual Advocacy Week, OSA members had the opportunity to write to their members of Congress on the following issues:

  • Funding for Research and Development
  • Funding for the Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation
  • Reauthorize the America COMPETES Act

To receive updates on when the next Virtual Advocacy Week will take place along with other public policy updates and activities, sign up to receive email alerts known as the Optics Legislative Network.


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