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Global Environmental Measurement and Monitoring Initiative

The Global Environmental Measurement & Monitoring (GEMM) Initiative focuses on improving environmental and climate change impact planning.



The GEMM Initiative engages experts at academic institutions worldwide to form multidisciplinary regional GEMM Centers that create and share new measurement technologies and climate models. The information collected is shared with policy-makers and corporate leaders to enable better government and industry decision-making.



Join scientists, technology developers, and policymakers on four continents as they harness a wide range of technologies to measure air and water quality and greenhouse gases.

Want to open a GEMM Center in your region? You are invited to take part in an effort that uniquely addresses the need for climate data AND facilitates partnerships with leaders who drive environmental policies and corporate practices. Contact us and make a meaningful difference.

About GEMM:

White Paper: Better Metrics for More Effective Decision-making: The Need for Regionally based Environmental Measurement and Monitoring

Regions and GEMM Centers



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The GEMM Initiative is supported by The Optical Society and the American Geophysical Union (AGU)