USA Science and Engineering Festival


2018 USA Science and Engineering Festival

The USA Science and Engineering Festival is a bi-annual event that takes place in Washington DC to serve as an open forum to showcase all facets of STEM. The Optical Society (OSA) creates an experience for attendees to explore the world of physics. 

We will be partnering with the Osnabrück University, Department of Physics Ultrafast Physics with their Lego® laser maze. The Lego® laser maze is prevalently addressed to young researchers and those making their first steps in photonics. The goal is to steer a laser beam through multiple obstacles by adjusting several mirror mounts. Two players can compete simultaneously and adjust a green or red laser beam with the faster player winning the game. Furthermore, the time is measured and the daily high score is displayed. The measurement is done by Lego® Mindstorms® components and software.

We encourage our members to attend this event with their friends and family as well as volunteer for our booth #5437!