Optics Suitcase

Optics Suitcase

Developed by the OSA Rochester Section (ROSA) in 1999, the Optics Suitcase is an innovative, interactive presentation package designed to introduce middle school students to the dynamic and exciting range of concepts within the study of light.

Each case includes a teaching guide (also available for download at this bottom of the page) and materials for demonstrations and experiments that teach about optics in a fun, hands-on atmosphere. Topics include: polarization, diffraction and selective reflection. The "theme packets," which contain the individual experiments, are designed for students to take home and share with their friends and family as a reinforcement of the classroom lessons. A demonstration requires 40 - 60 minutes on average, and provides materials for up to 50 students. View a full list of the components.

If you are interested in purchasing a suitcase, please contact education@osarochester.org
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Teaching Guide PDF

Students in Ghana
Students in Ghana, Africa participate in Optics Suitcase activities.
(photo by Lenore Kubie
and Daniel Williams)

Through the ROSA/OSA partnership, Optics Suitcases have benefited thousands of students around the world. This program is also supported by the OSA Foundation

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