Exploring the science of light can be an adventure for kids of every age. These days, COVID-19 has created a new normal, combining our work and home lives like never before. School closures mean many of us are also entertaining and educating our kids in addition to managing our other obligations. Working with incredible OSA volunteers, we have pulled together video tutorials along with educational materials that can help families explore light together.

Optics Magic with Judy Donelly & Nancy Magnani

These webinars will include activities and experiments you can do with materials you can find around your home. Check out the parent-teacher guides for additional information and materials you will need to gather for each. 

Click here for answers to questions from the Optics Magic Series.

Colors of Light
What are the colors that make up white light? Are they always a rainbow? Make a rainbow and an instrument to study the colors of light around you. View th parent-teacher guide.

Light & Shadows
Explore how light travels and use what you have learned to make a pinhole viewer! View th parent-teacher guide.

Reflecting on Light
What reflects light? Can you predict the path of reflected light? Learn more about light and apply what you have learned about the behavior of light to make a rule. View th parent-teacher guide.

Twisting Light
Learn what polarized light is and how it behaves. View th parent-teacher guide.