Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy Recognition

Contact us: diversity@osa.org

Check back for information on the 2021 winners.

About the Program

The Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy Recognition serves to acknowledge programs and accomplishments within our community that foster greater appreciation, advancement and celebration of diversity and inclusivity. Each winner will receive USD 1,500 to support their diversity efforts and travel funds to attend Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science (FiO + LS).

Activities recognized may include community service, professional development, hiring practices or programs enhancing the understanding and inclusion of people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences.

Key characteristics of honorees may include:

  1. Focusing on the importance and benefits of fostering diversity, equality and inclusion.
  2. Raising and deepening awareness of equality and diversity issues, from either an employment or service provision.
  3. Providing mentoring opportunities and/or programming internally or externally.
  4. Supporting inclusive and/or diversity related educational/professional development opportunities.
  5. Implementing creative and inclusive work policies to support the needs of a diverse staff.
  6. Fostering an environment celebrating differences of backgrounds and experiences.
  7. The recipient should have a record consistent support of diversity and inclusion in science, optics and photonics.
  8. The recipient demonstrates how they support diversity and inclusion efforts in their workplace or community.

Past Winners

For any questions, please email Diversity@optica.org.