CLEO 2020 Honorees


Charles Hard Townes Medal

Named in honor of Charles Hard Townes, whose pioneering contributions to masers and lasers led to the development of the field of quantum electronics, this award recognizes outstanding experimental or theoretical work, discovery or invention in the field of quantum electronics.

Toshiki Tajima

University of California Irvine, USA

Recognized for seminal contributions in broad and novel plasma physics and laser-based accelerator physics, introducing the concept of Laser Wakefield Acceleration





Max Born Award

Named in honor of Max Born, who made distinguished contributions to physics in general and optics in particular, this award recognizes outstanding contributions to physical optics, theoretical or experimental.

Nader Engheta

University of Pennsylvania, USA

Recognized for pioneering contributions to optical metamaterials and nanoscale optics





Sang Soo Lee Award

Named in honor of Sang Soo Lee for his pioneering role in establishing optics in the Republic of Korea, this award recognizes outstanding leadership in founding or growing an optics and photonics community. It is co-presented by OSA and the Optical Society of Korea.

Ajoy Ghatak

NASI (The National Academy of Sciences India), Prayagraj, India

Recognized for his seminal role in the development of fiber optics and guided wave photonics and for pioneering optics education in India





Adolph Lomb Medal

Named in honor of Adolph Lomb, OSA’s first treasurer, for his devotion to OSA and the advancement of optics, this award recognizes noteworthy contributions to optics at an early career stage.

Chao-Yang Lu

University of Science and Technology of China, China

Recognized for significant contributions to optical quantum information technologies, especially on high-performance single-photon sources, quantum teleportation and optical quantum computing





R. W. Wood Prize

Named in honor of R.W. Wood for his many contributions to optics, this award recognizes an outstanding discovery, scientific or technical achievement, or invention in the field of optics.

John Dudley

Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté & CNRS FEMTO-ST, France

Recognized for elucidating the fundamental aspect of supercontinuum generation through careful study of phase stability and opening the way to compact supercontinuum sources and their numerous applications





2020 Fellows

Recognizing OSA members who have served with distinction in the advancement of optics and photonics through distinguished contributions to education, research, engineering, business leadership and society. View a complete list of 2020 Fellows.

Mete Atature

University of Cambridge, UK

For pioneering contributions to solid-state quantum optics, including entanglement of distant spin qubits, optical cooling and quantum control of nuclear spin ensembles, and inventing a scalable method to fabricate atomically thin quantum optical devices



Abul Azad

Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

For original and pioneering contributions to the research and development of terahertz metamaterials, few-layer metasurfaces, active metamaterials, and terahertz plasmonics in subwavelength hole-arrays



Peter B. Catrysse

Stanford University, USA

For pioneering contributions to fundamental nanophotonics and its applications in solid-state



Jianming Dai

Tianjin University, China

For significant contributions to terahertz science and technology, especially broadband terahertz wave generation, detection, sensing, and spectroscopy



Thomas Dekorsy

German Aerospace Center, Germany

For groundbreaking achievements in the fields of high-speed asynchronous optical sampling and highly efficient terahertz emitters, as well as for spectroscopy of coherent acoustic and optical phonons in a wide range of materials



Achyut K. Dutta

Banpil Photonics, Inc., USA

For distinguished contributions to photodetectors, particularly highly-sensitive IR photo­detectors and their applications in imaging/communication, and high-performance energy harvesting devices enabled by photon-trapping micro-nanostructures



Alexandre Y. Fong

TruTag Technologies Inc., USA

For outstanding achievements and leadership in a wide range of complex projects in life sciences and instrumentation, technical product development, marketing and sales, and for excellence in leadership in OSA and the Florida Photonics Cluster



Andrea Fratalocchi

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

For pioneering innovations in the use of complex optical systems and the development of creative technologies in clean energy harvesting, bio-imaging, and advanced optical materials



Lynford L. Goddard

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

For contributions to the field of optical measurement science



Vivek K Goyal

Boston University, USA

For outstanding inventions in computational imaging and sensing, including unprecedented demonstrations of the utility of weak, mixed, and indirect optical measurements



Igor Jovanovic

University of Michigan, USA

For pioneering contributions to ultrafast parametric sources and intense laser science and technology, and innovative applications of ultrafast lasers to plasma spectroscopy and remote sensing in nuclear security



John H. Lehman

National Inst. of Standards & Technology, USA

For outstanding work on laser radiometry and applications, with a focus on accurate laser optical power measurements and applications



Xiuling Li

University of Illinois, USA

For pioneering contributions to nanostructured semiconductor materials growth and fabrication innovation for device applications



Chien-Chung Lin

National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

For major contributions to the development and application of colloidal quantum dots and encapsulation for significantly improved performance of photonic devices



Vinod Menon

City College of New York and Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA

For important contributions to strong light-matter interactions in low-dimensional materials and hyperbolic metamaterials



Irina Novikova

William & Mary, USA

For outstanding research of quantum coherence phenomena in atomic vapors, and ongoing service to OSA and the optics community



Glen Perram

Air Force Institute of Technology, USA

For laying the foundation for the Airborne Laser missile defense program through pioneering work on the high-power Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser



Sze Set

University of Tokyo, Japan

For the invention of carbon nanotube mode-locked lasers and nano-carbon photonics, and pioneering contributions to the commercialization of technologies related to ultrafast optics



Ranjan Singh

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

For pioneering contributions to terahertz science and technology through the development of active metamaterial platforms for sensing, switching, and communication applications



Greg Sun

University of Massachusetts Boston, USA

For technical innovation and seminal work in optoelectronics, Si photonics and plasmonics



Laurent Vivien

Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N), CNRS, Université Paris-Sud, Université Paris Saclay, Palaiseau, France

For pioneering contributions to optoelectronics and silicon photonics



Philip Walther

University of Vienna, Austria

For seminal contributions to the field of photonic quantum information science, including both foundational and technological advances



Rachel Pei Chin Won

Nature Photonics, UK

For outstanding support of optics worldwide through leadership in scientific publishing, and for extensive volunteer work promoting the importance of photonics in society and the role of women in science



Zongfu Yu

University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

For outstanding and sustained contributions to nanophotonics, particularly nonreciprocal optics, photovoltaics optics, and multi-modal light sensors



Jianqiang Zhu

Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, China

For significant and sustained contributions to system design and advanced technology for high-power laser facilities, and for promoting multifunctional laser platforms in inertial confinement fusion research