Deutsch Fellowship Application

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Application Deadline: 3 June 2019

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Application Process

Applications will consist of:

  • Basic contact and education information
  • Personal statement describing academic/professional background and interest in Fellowship – no more than 500 characters.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • A 3-5-page research proposal in PDF, doc, or docx format, including Specific Aims, Significance, Innovation, and Approach. The applicant is encouraged to contact one or more prospective PI(s) at Wellman Center and develop the project after consulting with the PI(s). A collaborative project involving more than one Wellman PI is particularly encouraged. A brief list of Wellman PIs and their research summary is attached. Further details on research activity at Wellman Center can be found at
  • At least one and no more than two published technical papers or similar with personal contributions within the past 24 months in PDF format.
  • Two letters of reference to be emailed to - Please have reference include your name in the subject line

Eligibility Information

  • The Thomas F. Deutsch Fellowship in Biomedical Optics will support post-doctoral investigators pursuing training in either basic or clinical research. The program is anticipated to begin in fall of 2018 and is intended for one year. The Fellowship review committee will consider a one-time, 6 month no-cost extension (maximum project duration, 18 consecutive months). Request for extension should be submitted a minimum of six weeks prior to the Fellowship end date. Any remaining funds at the end of the Fellowship period, or extension, will be forfeited. Deutsch Fellowship stipends are not transferable to another institution.
  • Only individuals with PhD, MD and MD PhD degrees are eligible for this Fellowship opportunity. Preference will be given to those applicants who are not eligible for traditional Fellowships such as those provided by the NIH and NSF. These include foreign scientists who may be recruited while residing abroad. Massachusetts General Hospital is an equal opportunity employer; women and minority applicants are encouraged to apply.
  • Candidates must be at the postdoctoral training level at the time of the award. The preferred candidate will be within 5 years of her/his completion of PhD or MD degree.
  • Candidates will have a primary appointment at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The Fellowship is not transferable. If the awardee leaves MGH during the award period the awardee must notify the Wellman Center and The OSA Foundation and will forfeit any remaining funding.
  • If a Fellow already has or subsequently receives other Fellowship funding, he/she is eligible for the Deutsch funds only if the projects are different scientifically, permitted by the other sponsor and only to the extent that the combined stipend does not exceed the Fellow’s institutional base stipend.