Quantel Laser: Bright Ideas Competition Application

OSA Foundaiton Quantel Laser

Quantel Laser: Bright Ideas Competition

The opportunity to compete for $30,000 USD in laser equipment from Quantel Laser

Submitting an Application:

Applicants are required to assemble the below sections as one (1) complete .pdf application.
Completed applications should be submitted to OSAFgrants@osa.org with the subject "Quantel Laser Prize Application". 
  1. Section I - Cover Sheet: The applicant will provide their contact details. Co-authors and collaborations are allowed but only one organization/institution will be given the award.  Only one person per organization/institution/collaboration should be listed in the Contact Information. Additional collaboration details or co-author information may be included in Section II. 
  2. Section II - Program Description: Please note that this section is free-form and applicants must craft their content independently in a word processor of their choice (which ultimately needs to be converted to .pdf). This section does not hyperlink to an already existing form. Applicants will use this section to provide a brief description of the project or idea. The RFP should be clearly written and be between two to four single-spaced pages in length. This section must follow the format presented below and contain an abstract and details of the proposal. Journal article references are encouraged and will not counted against the page limit. Supporting data are encouraged, but not mandatory.
    • In two to four pages, describe your idea, project, start-up business, etc. using the following three section format. 
      • Abstract: Give a brief description of your project in no more than 250 words. Include the goal of your project or business endeavor. What are you trying to achieve? Why is it important?  
      • Program Description: Please include any relevant details, graphs, diagrams, pictures, photographs etc. to help clarify your ideas. Below are a list of questions to help guide your response. Please note that not all questions will be appropriate to your circumstances. 
        • How will you achieve your scientific, engineering, education or business goals? 
        • What is your application?  (For example, what are you trying to do? Why do you need a laser?)
        • How is your idea different? What need does it fill?
        • Is this a unique, novel idea or are you improving on an idea? Include supporting data, if appropriate.
        • Please include any collaborators such as other groups, organizations or businesses.
        • If this is for a teaching facility, how will it be used to educate your students? Will it be used to conduct research projects, demonstrations, etc? Who are your students? Undergraduate, graduate? How many students will be taught on this equipment per year?
        • If this is a business endeavor, who is your target market? How many units are you forecasting?
      • Journal References (optional): Please list only your most relevant sources. This does not count towards your page limit. 
  3. Section III - Selection of a Quantel Laser

Quantel Laser is available by phone and by email to help you to choose the most appropriate laser for your requirements and budget. Contacting Quantel Laser directly will not influence your chances of winning the award due to the independent nature of the panel of reviewers.

Quantel North America (US and Canada):
Phone: 1 (877) 782-6835
Email: sales@quantelusa.com

Quantel France (Rest of World)
Phone:  (+33) 1 69 29 17 00
Email: contactform@quantel.fr

See the OSAF Quantel Terms and Conditions for additional information.