OSA Foundation Fellowship

The OSA Foundation Fellowship

The OSA Foundation, in conjunction with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is excited to announce the launch of The OSA Foundation Fellowship. This new program is designed to provide emerging professionals with a unique, fully-funded employment opportunity at sponsoring OSA Corporate Member research/development facilities across the United States.

Program Highlights

  1. 1-2 year terms with option to extend up to 5 years
  2. Provides recent graduates with experience in cutting-edge optics programs
  3. Competitive stipends with health benefits
  4. Travel grant funding to enhance professional development
  5. Exposure to leaders in industry and academia

Criteria for Eligibilty

  1. Open to all nationalities; subject to VISA requirements. Foreign nationals will be sponsored under a J-1 visa by the National Academy of Sciences.

Application/Selection process

  • Applications must be submitted by the appropriate deadline.
  • Applications are reviewed by a panel of experts and provided to the Sponsor organization for review.
  • The Sponsor organization elects a Fellow for their posted opportunity
  • The National Academies of Sciencs, Engineering, and Medicine works with the Fellow to obtain appropriate VISA status if necessary.
  • Fellow begins tenure at Sponsoring organization.
Tingye Li
Not currently accepting positions

Interested in sponsoring a Fellow at your organization? Contact OSA Foundation staff at osafinfo@osa.org