Annual Program Grants

Grant Application Guidelines


Please note, if you are a student looking for a grant, we ask you to visit our Student Funding page.

The OSA Foundation supports initiatives that:
Provide optics education and resources to the next generation of optics leaders by providing students and educators with learning and financial resources.
Deliver career and professional development resources to help students from around the world build successful and rewarding careers in optics and photonics.
Please note: If you are seeking funding for the establishment of an award or honor please contact the OSA Foundation directly at or +1.202.416.1416. Requests for establishing new awards/honors should not be submitted via the online grant application.

Funding Restrictions
The Foundation does not provide support for the following:
  • Stipends or overhead
  • Construction or maintenance of facilities
  • Capital campaigns or endowments
  • Grants to individuals including funding for school tuition, living expenses for those studying abroad, or travel grants to non-OSA meetings
  • Grants to individuals or universities/colleges for equipment, materials, or other items used for laboratory or academic functions.
  • Religious or political causes (including lobbying)
  • For-profit organizations
  • Hosting scientific or technical meetings; such requests should be directed to the OSA International Council or the OSA Conventions & Meetings Department.
  • The OSA Foundation support for science fairs or competitions is limited to events/programs supported by OSA Student Chapters or Local Sections. If you represent a Chapter or Section please apply for an OSA Foundation Youth Science Education Outreach Grant to support your fair or competition. If you do not represent an OSA Student Chapter or Local Section, please contact the one nearest to you to discuss youth education programming options.