OSAF Leadership

2019 OSAF Board Members (from left: George Bayz, Stephen Fantone, Wendy Laurin, James Fienup, Ursula Gibson, Elizabeth Rogan, Antigone Marino, Alexander Sawchuk.

Alexander Sawchuk
Alexander Sawchuk, Chair
University of Southern California
George Bayz
George Bayz, Treasurer
Oakshire Partners
Stephen Fantone
Stephen Fantone, OSA President
Optikos Corp
James Fienup
James Fienup, Director
University of Rochester
Ursula Gibson
Ursula Gibson, OSA Past President
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Erich Ippen
Erich Ippen, Director
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wendy Laurin
Wendy Laurin, Director
Antigone Marino
Antigone Marino, Director
Institute of Applied Science & Intelligent Systems (CNR)
Elizabeth Rogan
Elizabeth Rogan, OSA Chief Executive Officer
Linda Smith
Linda Smith, President
CERES Technology Advisors

Board of Directors Alumni

Name Affiliation   Title  Term
Janet Fender  US Air Force    
John Bruning Retired     
Don Keck Consultant     
Charles Munnerlyn Retired Director 1/1/09 – 12/31/11
Yehiam Prior Weizmann Institute of Science Director 1/1/09 – 12/31/11
Gary Bjorklund Bjorklund Enterprises Chair 1/1/02 – 12/31/09
David Hardwick   Director 1/1/04 – 12/31/09
Anthony Siegman* Stanford University Director 1/1/03 – 12/31/08
Sir Peter Knight Kavli Royal Society International Circle Director 1/1/10 - 12/31/12
Pierre Chavel Institute d'Optique Lab Fabry Director 1/1/10 - 12/31/12
Joseph Goodman Stanford University Director 1/1/07 - 12/31/12
Paul Crosby Coherent Inc. Director 1/1/08 - 12/31/13
G. Michael Morris Apollo Optical Systems Chair 1/1/2009-
Peter Moulton Massachusetts Inst of Tech, Lincoln Lab Director 1/1/2013-

Founding Donors

Donald R. and Carol Scifres
Joseph W. and Hon Mai Goodman
The Sawchuk Family Foundation
Gary C. and Carolyn M. Bjorklund
The Welch Family Fund
* Deceased