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Our goal is to inspire, support and mentor the students and early career professionals who will be the future innovators and leaders in optics and photonics.

We support over 30 scholarships, grants, prizes, professional development trainings, and summer schools benefiting students and early-career professionals annually.


  • 2020 Highlights

    Explore our 2020 highlights

    Learn more about the programs your donations support.

  • 2020 Ambassadors

    Meet the 2020 Class of OSA Ambassadors.

    The OSA Ambassdor program, funded by OSAF, connects emerging leaders in the organization with students and early career professionals as mentors and advisors. Although this year's class is only available to connect virtually, you can still meet them and learn from their insights.


  • Wear Your Pride in Photonics

    Wear your pride in photonics.

    Visit and purchase a “Light Saves Lives,” “Respect the Spectrum” or “Amplify Black Voices in Science” t-shirt. Proceeds support OSA Foundation Annual Fund Programs.
  • UV-C Chambers for Developing Nations

    UV-C Chamber Grants for Developing Countries

    In response to a global shortage of n95 respirators, Thomas M. Baer, Manu Prakash, Jeffery Wilde, and Bert Hesselink all from Stanford University developed a UV-C Chamber using accessible low-cost commercial components with the potential decontaminate 5,000+ n95 respirators per day. With generous funding from Tom as well as Milton Chang, Erich Ippen, Ursula Gibson and Chris Dainty, we have provided 28 grants to chapters and organizations in low-income countries allowing them to produce chambers in partnership with local hospitals. Coming soon: you can read the paper about the technology in Applied Optics.

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