CLEO Exhibit Advisory Committee

Category: Leadership 
The purpose of the CLEO Exhibit Advisory Committee (EAC) is to evaluate the effectiveness of the exhibit and guide CLEO Management to effectively grow the number of exhibitors and the attendance of show floor participation as well as improve the cost effectiveness of the exhibit.
Members agree to do the following:
  1. Identify specific markets and applications relevant for the exhibit
  2. Identify specific attendee demographics desired for the exhibit
  3. Identify specific programs to be presented on the exhibit floor
  4. Identify specific speakers/moderators for exhibit-floor programs
  5. Share confidentially individual company metrics to evaluate the performance of the exhibit
  6. Communicate openly to improve the quality and value received from venue service providers and create alliances when appropriate to leverage cost savings
Term of Office: 2 years
Term Start Date:  At each CLEO
Time commitment: 2 in person meetings; February and May/June, and 4 conference calls.
Travel: Travel may be required
Travel Reimbursement*: No

*Please note, OSA volunteers are responsible for covering the costs of their own travel, lodging and expenses to OSA meetings and events. This includes registration costs for events.