OIDA Forums

OIDA (OSA Industry Development Associates) Now Offers Several Forums

OIDA Forum at the OSA Laser Congress

This Forum is a bi-annual event at the OSA Laser Congress.  The program focuses on the business aspects of the laser market, spanning finance to new product development and complements the more technical nature of the collocated conferences on Applied Solid-State Lasers and Laser Applications Conference. The next OIDA Forum at the OSA Laser Congress will be held at the 2020 OSA Laser Congress.  


OIDA Forum on Sensing

The 1st ever OIDA Forum on “The Exploding Role of Optics in Sensing” was held in conjunction with CLEO on 14 May 2018 at the Hilton San Jose, Almaden Ballroom in San Jose, California, USA. 

Optical sensors are critical to market segments such as mobility and automation, Big Data and AI. This OIDA Forum will match applications leaders needing new solutions with early‐stage technologies in a range of sectors, spanning consumer to industrial markets. While the ultimate activity is “matchmaking” the emphasis will be on the end‐product vendors’ needs and investor perspectives.
Attend and learn about manufacturing issues related to these product areas and find solutions to tomorrow's sensing challenges. Some key questions for discussion will be:

  • What is needed from the photonics industry?
  • Which are the problems that optics and photonics can have the greatest impact on?
  • What are the enabling technologies that have the most promise?
  • What are the bottlenecks or “showstoppers” among photonics technologies today, and potential solutions