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FiO 2020 Honorees

Awards & Honors

Each year OSA celebrates the field’s luminaries and rising stars who are making outstanding contributions to engineering, scientific discovery, education, research, business, leadership, service, and diversity.

We congratulate all the honorees, and thank them for their dedication, innovation and leadership. Our thanks also to those who have served as nominators, references and selection committee members. Your time and expertise are greatly appreciated, and make these important programs possible.

The following honorees were recognized during the virtual 2020 OSA Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science APS/DLS Plenary Sessions.

Honorary Members

The most distinguished of all OSA Member categories, Honorary Membership is awarded to individuals who have made unique, seminal contributions to the field of optics.


2019 Honorary Member                                                                                                

Elsa M. Garmire

For contributions to nonlinear optics and optoelectronics, leadership in linking science and public policy, and for service to OSA.


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Awards and Medals


Frederic Ives Medal/Jarus W. Quinn Prize

Ursula Keller

For fundamental contributions to ultrafast lasers technology, especially in the development of high peak and average power oscillators and important breakthroughs in attosecond science.


Esther Hoffman Beller Medal            

Julio C. Gutierrez-Vega

For exceptional commitment to optics education through extraordinary academic mentoring and teaching; the development of original, engaging teaching materials and the establishment of a world-class optics graduate program.


Stephen D. Fantone Distinguished Service Award

Susan Houde-Walter

For outstanding service to OSA through numerous advisory and leadership roles, including 2005 President, Board of Directors Member and Chair of the Optics and Photonics News Editorial Advisory Committee.


Michael S. Feld Biophotonics Award

Nimmi Ramanujam

For advances in precision diagnostics and therapeutics to address global disparities in cervical and breast cancer management and mortality.  


Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award                                                                   

2-Photon Optical Clock Collaboration

National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA; The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, USA; California Institute of Technology, USA; Stanford University, USA; University of Colorado, Boulder

For the development of an optical atomic clock architecture that leverages microfabricated photonic components, resulting in a vast reduction in size, weight, and power and enabling next generation applications in timing, navigation, and communication.


Joseph Fraunhofer Award/Robert M. Burley Prize

Jannick Rolland

For numerous creative and innovative applications in several fields of optical engineering including Astronomy, Medical Imaging, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Image science, and Freeform Optics.


Joseph W. Goodman Book Writing Award (co-presented with SPIE)

Quantitative Biomedical Optics: Theory, Methods, and Applications

Irving J Bigio, Boston University, USA and Sergio Fantini, Tufts University, USA


Nick Holonyak Jr. Award

Kei May Lau                

For significant contributions to hetero-epitaxy of compound semiconductors on silicon for future integrated lasers and advancing the field of light-emitting diode microdisplays.                    


Robert E. Hopkins Leadership Award                            

Roberta Ramponi

For leadership in the promotion and dissemination of optics and light-based technologies, and outstanding contributions in establishing a strategic vision for research and innovation in photonics in Europe.             


Edwin Land Medal (co-presented with the Society for Imaging Science and Technology).                                 

Eric R. Fossum

For the invention and commercialization of advanced CMOS optical sensor imaging technology and the Quanta Image Sensor, and for university entrepreneurial and national young inventor training activities.


Emmett N. Leith Medal                        

Mitsuo Takeda

For contributions to the fields of optical information processing and holography through the inventions of Fourier fringe analysis and coherence holography.


William F. Meggers Award                  

Tony F. Heinz

For seminal studies of the properties and dynamics of surfaces, interfaces, and nanoscale materials by diverse spectroscopic techniques, including through the development of powerful new methods.       


David Richardson Medal

G. Michael Morris     

For contributions to the commercial development of diffractive and beam shaping optics, along with significant achievements in entrepreneurship, the founding and development of two highly successful companies, and ongoing support of education in optical engineering.     


Kevin P. Thompson Optical Design Innovator Award

Aaron Bauer

For theoretical, creative, and innovative design methods for freeform optics.                                


OSA Treasurer's Award

Mary Wheeler

For exemplifying the type of leadership that promotes excellence amongst her coworkers, and outstanding support of the Society’s digital strategies.


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2020 Fellows

Since 1959, over 2,500 members have joined the ranks of OSA Fellow. These members have served with distinction in the advancement of optics and photonics through distinguished contributions to education, research, engineering, business and society.



Cristian Antonelli
Università degli Studi dell'Aquila, Italy

For fundamental contributions to the study of propagation-related phenomena in single and multi-mode fiber-optic transmission


Julie Bentley
University of Rochester, USA

For outstanding international leadership in optical design through conference organization, innovative methods, and excellence in teaching and mentoring


Ivan Biaggio
Lehigh University, USA

For outstanding and sustained contributions to materials development and understanding, for applications that require the ability to manipulate light


Fabien Bretenaker
CNRS and Université Paris-Saclay, France

For original developments in laser physics, non-linear optics and quantum optics, eg, Coherent Population Oscillation


David C. Brown
Advanced Photonic Sciences, USA

For industrial leadership and pioneering research in rare-earth activated lasers, rare-earth doped cryogenic laser technology and the understanding of thermal effects in fiber lasers and cryogenic lasers


Yangjian Cai
Soochow University & Shandong Normal University, China

For significant contributions to optical coherence structure engineering and their applications

Yi Cai

For contributions to forward error correction and digital signal processing in optical fiber communications

Francesca Calegari
Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY) and Universität Hamburg (UHH), Germany

For major contributions to attosecond science


Christophe Caloz
KU Leuven and Polytechnique Montréal, Belgium and Canada

For pioneering contributions to electromagnetic metamaterials and sustained leadership in bridging the gap between microwave and photonics technologies


Liangcai Cao
Tsinghua University, China

For outstanding and sustained contributions to the research and development of holography and optical information processing


Yanne Chembo
University of Maryland, USA

For pioneering contributions to the development of microwave photonic systems for aerospace and communication engineering, including monolithic optical frequency comb generators and optoelectronic oscillators


Yung-Fu Chen
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

For pioneering contributions to the development of diode-pumped Raman lasers and structured laser modes for exploring quantum-classical connections


Nan Chi
Fudan University, China

For pioneering developments in visible light communication, coherent optical transmission and optical packet/burst switching


Wonshik Choi
Korea University and Center for Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics, Institute for Basic Science, South Korea

For innovative contributions to cell tomography and deep optical imaging within complex scattering media


Hilmi Volkan Demir
Nanyang Technological University and Bilkent University UNAM, Singapore & Turkey

For pioneering and sustained contributions to the research and development of nanocrystal optoelectronics, semiconductor lighting and nanophotonics


Mark R. Dennis
University of Birmingham, UK

For seminal contributions to the understanding of the geometry and topology of light, especially polarization, singular optics and knotted optical vortices


Nibir K. Dhar

For outstanding technical and program leadership in advancing imaging technology and components for defense and commercial applications.


Nikolaos Efremidis
University of Crete, Greece

For important contributions in nonlinear optics, specifically for the proposition of the optical induction technique for experimenting with discrete solitons, for solitons in photonic lattices, and for discovering abruptly-autofocuing beams


Stefan Enoch
Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, Centrale Marseille, Fresnel Institut, France

For outstanding fundamental contributions to the theory of nanophotonics, and for applying his insights to medical diagnostics


Ling Fu
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

For contributions to in vivo optical microscopy, especially endomicroscopy technologies based on fiber-optic sensing and imaging for neuronal activity recording and for high-resolution medical diagnosis


Ulrike Fuchs
Asphericon GmbH, Germany

For outstanding and sustainable contributions to research linking the production of aspheres and metrology with questions of optical design and their transfer to free-form optics


Michael Gehm
Duke University, USA

For contributions to computational and compressive sensing, optical trapping of neutral atoms, and service to OSA


Zabih Ghassemlooy
University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK

For significant contributions to free space optical communication systems (FSO) and visible light communications (VLC)


Bai-Ou Guan
Jinan University, China

For significant contributions to fiber optic sensor technology, particularly fiber grating laser sensors, and optical microfiber biosensors


Julio C. Gutiérrez-Vega
Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico

For pioneering contributions to physical optics through studies of structured light beams and fractional optics, establishing the Tecnologico de Monterrey’s optics program, and providing outstanding editorial service to OSA publications


Jianhua Hao
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

For outstanding and pioneering contributions to multifunctional phosphors and photonic devices


Yoshio Hayasaki
Utsunomiya University, Japan

For technical innovations in holography and its applications to information photonics, optical metrology, and material laser processing


Sven Hoefling
University of Wuerzburg and University of St Andrews, Germany & UK

For pioneering work on growth and device engineering of semiconductor materials for novel opto-electronic quantum devices


Jennifer J. Hunter
University of Rochester, USA

For the development of ophthalmic imaging systems that provide unprecedented insight into the function and structure of the retina


Xavier Intes
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

For achievements in translational biophotonics


Jian-Ming Jin
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

For fundamental contributions to computational electromagnetics and numerical simulation in photonics and optoelectronics


Safa Kasap
University of Saskatchewan, Canada

For outstanding contributions to the research and development of radiation detectors for high-dose high-resolution radiation measurement, x-ray imagers, and for understanding optical properties of a wide class of materials


Fumio Koyama
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

For seminal contributions to VCSEL photonics and integration


Giuseppe Leo
Université de Paris, France

For pioneering contributions to nonlinear nanophotonics with monolithic aluminum gallium arsenide nanoantennas and metasurfaces


Di Liang
Hewlett Packard Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, USA

For seminal contributions to innovative photonic material and device integration for energy efficient optical communication and volume production


Rongguang Liang
University of Arizona, USA

For contributions to optical engineering and biomedical optical imaging


Lih Y. Lin
University of Washington, USA

For significant contributions to the research and development of MEMS optical switching technologies, and innovation in solution-processed photonic components and devices


Na Liu
Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, University of Heidelberg, Germany

For outstanding contributions to nanooptics, three-dimensional optical metamaterials, and the interdisciplinary scientific work in the development of DNA nanotechnology-enabled dynamic nanoplasmonics


Chris Mack
Fractilia, USA

For outstanding and sustained contributions to the research and development of optical lithography for semiconductor manufacturing, and for education in lithography and semiconductor processes


Claudio Mazzali
Corning Optical Communications, USA

For business and technical leadership in optical fiber, cable and connectivity product developments


Alan Migdall
Joint Quantum Institute, National Institute of Standards & Technology and University of Maryland, USA

For significant contributions to quantum optics, especially the development of accurate metrology of single-photon detectors using parametric down conversion


Jeremy N. Munday
University of California, Davis, USA

For pioneering contributions to novel photodetectors and energy converters using nanophotonic materials


Alexander Nosich
Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

For the development of a method of analytical regularization to solve radiation, scattering and eigenvalue problems in micro and nano optics


Salah Obayya
Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt

For research leadership and seminal contributions to computational photonics


Shilong Pan
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

For outstanding and sustained achievements in microwave-photonics based measurement


Thomas Pfeiffer
Nokia Bell Labs, Germany

For advancing research and commercialization of optical access technologies and architectures


Todd Pittman
University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA

For pioneering contributions to quantum optics and quantum information processing with photons


Jianrong Qiu
Zhejiang University, China

For outstanding contributions in the area of fs laser material interaction and optoelectronic materials and their applications


Heng Tao Shen
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

For pioneering contributions and leadership in the research and development of multimedia analysis, indexing and retrieval


Melissa Skala
University of Wisconsin-Madison and Morgridge Institute for Research, USA

For innovation in the use of molecular imaging in cancer research and ophthalmology


Anders Søndberg Sørensen
The Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

For pioneering contributions to theoretical quantum optics, in particular for proposing novel methods for quantum gates and generation of non-classical states of atoms, light and plasmons.


Larry B. Stotts
Stotts Consulting, USA

For outstanding technical leadership in optical and photonic systems


Taco Visser
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands

For foundational contributions to optics in the field of plasmonics and coherence


Stacie Williams

For lifetime achievement and leadership in identifying and implementing innovative solutions to optical challenges in the fields of remote sensing and biophysics, and for an enduring impact on STEM education


Jianke Yang
University of Vermont, USA

For outstanding and innovative contributions to nonlinear optics, parity-time symmetry, and their numerical methodologies


Joel Yang
Singapore University of Technology & Design, Singapore

For pioneering contributions in plasmonic color printing and sub-10-nm resolution patterning for nanophotonics


Ken-Tye Yong
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

For significant contributions to develop optical functional nanomaterials and devices for biophotonic and nanophotonic applications


C. Patrick Yue
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

For contributions to the advancement of visible light communication and optical fiber communication system-on-chip design based on silicon technologies


Han Zhang
Shenzhen University, China

For contributions to optical nanomaterials, developing two-dimensional nanomaterials for applications in optoelectronics as saturable absorbers to generate ultra-short pulse, and applications in bio-photonics for bio-imaging and therapeutics


Lin Zhang
Aston University, UK

For technical leadership and outstanding contributions to the research and development of fibre grating based devices and technology, and their applications in optical communications and sensing


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