Sample Fellow Citations

For technical innovation in the use of optical imaging and for research leadership.

For outstanding and sustained contributions to the research and development of broadband optical access networks, particularly passive optical networks, and the standardization of optical access technologies.

For achievements and leadership across a broad spectrum of projects in supporting open innovation, entrepreneurship, commercialization, technology and strategic developments for multiple corporations, and for excellence in leadership at OSA.

For pioneering contributions to nanophotonics and new plasmonic materials.

For outstanding technical and program leadership in optics and photonics for industrial R&D including innovative applications of interferometry, spectroscopy, ellipsometry and nano-calorimetry.

For significant contributions to photonics education and applications through books, papers, university teaching, short courses, keynote speeches and industry work.

For pioneering leadership in the formation of global optics industry clusters.

For innovative leadership in experimental research for quantifying information content of multidimensional classical and quantum states.

For achievements in optics and photonics, as a key bridge between academia and industry in the optical quantum information field.

For founding and running successfully an optical company developing scientific and industrial grade diode and fiber-based laser systems as well as actively serving the optics community and in particular the OSA.