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OSA Treasurer's Award

OSA Treasurer's Award

Presented to an OSA staff member who makes significant contributions to organizational excellence, promotes and enacts innovative solutions, or exemplifies inspirational leadership.

Nomination Deadline

10 April

Reference Deadline

15 April

Nominator Requirements

The nominator must be a current OSA member or staff member. OSA Executive Staff may not submit nominations.

Nominee Requirements

1. A nominee must have two or more years of employment with OSA to be nominated. Full and part-time staff are eligible.

2. An individual may not receive more than one Society award in a year, nor may an individual receive more than one award for the same body of work.

3. Awards are not presented posthumously, except in the case that the recipient's death occurs after the Selection Committee decision has been made.

Important Note:  The nominee does not participate in the process. To maintain confidentiality, the necessary facts should be obtained from the nominee only if the complete and correct background information is not available elsewhere. Self-nomination is not permitted.

Nomination Categories categories

Candidates may be nominated in one of three categories, which best define their most significant contribution. The award selection committee will review the nomination with an emphasis on the selected category.
  1. Excellence - Recognizes an individual who continually seeks excellence in practice. They often "take it to the next level."
    • Displays initiative and excellence by increasing organizational efficiency, significantly improving systems, technical procedures or administrative practices.
    • Develops and uses novel approaches to work practices, adding a creative edge that otherwise was absent.
    • Provides a creative contribution to building a brand or identity for their team, department and OSA.
    • Demonstrates through the execution of their job the brand values of OSA.
  2. Innovation - Recognizes an individual who demonstrates or accomplishes innovation in the workplace.
    • Develops an effective solution to a difficult existing problem or improves overall effectiveness through a new method or approach.
    • Develops and implements an innovative plan for the good of the Society.
    • Generates novel and valuable ideas and uses these ideas to develop new or improved processes, methods, systems, programs or services for their team/division.
  3. Inspirational Leadership - Recognizes an individual who inspires others to strive for perfection. They influence without authority, often putting others’ interests ahead of their own. "A champion of the staff."
    • Fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity, which contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of productivity.
    • Shows true leadership qualities in managing their staff/service/system effectively.
    • Leads transformational change for the benefit of peers.
    • Inspires and motivates others to take advantage of opportunities to enhance their own lives whether professionally or personally.

Award Nomination Requirements

1. Name of the nominated staff member.

2. Award citation (no more than 35 words), which typically starts with “for” and should be concise, but broad enough to encompass the nominee’s contributions.

3. An original, one to two-page narrative/support statement describing the nominee's dedication, efficiency, and/or innovation and leadership, with an emphasis on contributions that align with the selected nomination category.

4. Nomination category.

5. A minimum of two (2) references, and no more than three (3). At least one reference must be from OSA staff. References should be no more than 1 page in length. OSA Executive Staff may not serve as references.

Using BEAM

1. Log in to BEAM, OSA's Awards and Honors system, with your OSA credentials.

2. Be sure you are on the "Nominators" tab.

3. Click the "Submit a New Nomination" button and select the appropriate award from the drop-down menu.

4. Enter the name and email address of the nominee. You will have the option to add multiple nominees later in the process.

5. Input the required supporting information and references. Note - references will automatically receive an email with a link to the reference form as soon as you select them as a reference, even if you have not completed/submitted the nomination.

6. Select ‘”Additional Nominees” from the menu if needed.

7. Review and submit the nomination prior to the deadline.

8. After submitting the nomination you will receive a confirmation email.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee reviews and discusses all eligible nominees. After carefully consideration, they make a recommendation that is approved by the Awards Council and Board of Directors. Please note that a minimum of four eligible nominations are required before the Selection Committee may select a recipient. If the minimum is not met, all nominations will be held for consideration the following year.

All nominations are automatically considered for up to three review cycles. After consideration by three Selection Committees, the nomination is retired.


OSA serves a diverse and inclusive community worldwide. Nominees that reflect and support this diversity across all areas including gender, race, educational/institutional background and geography are especially encouraged.