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John Tyndall Award

John Tyndall Award

Presented for outstanding contributions in any area of optical-fiber technology, including optical fibers themselves, the optical components used in fiber systems, as well as transmission systems and networks using fibers. Contributions should have met the test of time and been of proven benefit to science, technology, or society. The contributions may be experimental or theoretical. This award is jointly presented by OSA and the IEEE Photonics Society. 

Nomination & Reference Deadline

10 August

Nominations are submitted to the IEEE Photonics Society.

Nominator Requirements

The nominator should be a current OSA or IEEE Photonics Society member.

Nominee Requirements

1. Nominees do not need to be OSA or IEEE Photonics Society members.

2. An individual may not receive more than one Society award in a year, nor may an individual receive more than one award for the same body of work.

3. This award is presented to an individual, joint nominations are not permitted.

4. Awards are not presented posthumously, except in the case that the recipient's death occurs after the Selection Committee decision has been made.

Important Note:  The nominee does not participate in the process. To maintain confidentiality, the necessary facts should be obtained from the nominee only if the complete and correct background information is not available elsewhere. Self-nomination is not permitted.

Nomination Requirements

1. Candidate contact information: Name, Affiliation, Mailing Address, Email, Phone Number

2. Academic Background: College or University / Location / Major Field / Degree / Year

3. Academic Honors: List of candidate's highest honors, include OSA, IEEE and other recognitions

4. Employment Background: Limit of four (4)

5. Accomplishments: Maximum of eight (8) relevant to nomination.  Include: Name of item, date published, name of publication or event, patent number

6. Nominee’s curriculum vita (Maximum of three pages)

7. Endorsements: Three letters of endorsement are required.  You may enter the endorsers name and email to send an automatically generated email request, or if you have received the endorsement, you can upload directly to the IEEE Photonics Society system. (One page limit per endorsement)


Note - The nomination process for this award is managed by IEEE Photonics Society. Please contact Karen Mergner with any questions.


OSA and the IEEE Photonics Society serve a diverse and inclusive community worldwide. Nominees that reflect and support this diversity across all areas including gender, race, educational/institutional background and geography are especially encouraged.