Frederic Ives Medal/Jarus W. Quinn Prize

Frederic Ives Medal/Jarus W. Quinn Prize

OSA's highest award, recognizing overall distinction in optics.

Nomination Deadline

1 October

Reference Deadline

10 October

Nominator Requirements

The nominator must be a current OSA member.

Nominee Requirements

The nominee(s) do not need to be OSA members.

Nomination Requirements

1. Name and email address for the nominee

2. Award citation (no more than 35 words), which typically starts with “for” and should be concise, but broad enough to encompass the nominee’s contributions.

3. An original, one-page narrative/support statement describing the nominee's pioneering accomplishments, with an emphasis on the impact to the overall field and Society.

4. Nominee's resume or CV, listing educational background, positions held, and highlighting key: patents, awards, honors, activities, publications, reports or product releases, and OSA service.

5. Four letters of reference (i.e., 4 is both the minimum and the maximum). Diversity of support is preferred; not all letters of recommendation should come from the nominee's institution. The nominator may not serve as a reference. The name and email address is required for each reference.

6. Optional support documents could include: additional patents, publications, reports, product releases, etc.

Note – all documents must in PDF format.

OSA serves a diverse and inclusive community worldwide. Nominees that reflect and support this diversity across all areas including gender, educational/institutional background and geography are especially encouraged.