Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award

Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award

This team award recognizes technical achievements such as product engineering, process, software and patent development, as well as contributions to society such as engineering education, publication and management, and furthering public appreciation of optical engineering.

Nomination Deadline

10 July

Nominator Requirements

The nominator must be a current OSA member or be employed by an OSA Industry Development Associates member company. There is no membership requirement for the nominees.

Award Nomination Requirements

1. Name of the nominated team and contact information for the team leader or a key team member
2. Proposed award citation (no more than 30 - 35 words)
3. A one-page narrative explaining the team's achievement
4. A list of team members, their individual roles on the team, and the period of time involved with the team
5. A minimum of two references (no more than four). It is desirable that these references be from outside the team's company