Adolph Lomb Medal


The medal is presented to a person who has made a noteworthy contribution to optics at an early career stage. Contributions from any area of optics, fundamental or applied, are considered.


1 October

Reference Deadline

10 October

Nominator Requirements

The nominator must be a current OSA member.

Nominee Requirements

Nominees must be within ten (10) years of the completion of their highest degree earned in the year the award is presented, excluding career breaks (e.g., eldercare, maternity or paternity leave, adoption). There is no membership requirement for the nominees.

Award Nomination Requirements

1. Name and email address for the nominee

2. Proposed award citation (no more than 35 words)

3. An original, one-page narrative/introductory statement describing the nominee's novel, pioneering, or leading edge accomplishments, with an emphasis on how their work has been recognized as especially promising.

4. Nominee's resume or CV, listing educational background, positions held, and highlighting key: patents, awards, honors, activities, publications, reports or product releases, and OSA service.

5. Four letters of reference (i.e., 4 is both the minimum and the maximum). Diversity of support is preferred; not all letters of recommendation should come from the nominee's institution. The nominator may not serve as a reference. The name and email address is required for each reference.

6. If the candidate has taken a career break, a brief explanation for the nature of the break is requested.

7. Optional listing of additional patents, publications, reports or product releases,  or additional support for the nominee

Note – all documents must in PDF format.