OSA Treasurer's Award

OSA Treasurer's Award

Recognizes an OSA staff member who makes significant contributions to organizational excellence, promotes and enacts innovative solutions or exemplifies inspirational leadership.

The award was established in 2016 to honor the dedication, efficiency, innovation and leadership demonstrated by the OSA staff.  


2018 - Naomi R Chavez [Citation]

For outstanding and innovative leadership, on a continued and sustained basis, of the Optical Society’s meeting and conference portfolio.

2017 - M. Scott Dineen [Citation]

Scott Dineen is recognized for his excellence in publishing technology and development of new tools essential for maintaining and enhancing OSA’s publishing leadership. PRISM and the OSA Publishing platforms are prime examples of his abilities.

2016 - Deborah Cody Herrin [Citation]

Deborah Herrin consistently brings out the best in others and inspires confidence that has altered the course of careers. She's bravely undertaken OSA's most difficult IT challenges and brought impeccable project management to each enterprise.

Naomi Chavez