Robert E. Hopkins Leadership Award

Robert E. Hopkins Leadership Award

Recognizes an individual or group who has had a significant impact on the global optics and photonics community or on society as a whole stemming from non-research oriented activities. The award seeks to recognize achievement/s that would not be eligible for a traditional OSA award or medal. Nominees do not need to be OSA members or active in the field.

The award was established in 1997 with the support of Milton Chang and New Focus to strengthen the link between the optics community and the public. In 2012, the award was re-named in memory of Robert E. Hopkins thanks to contributions from CVI Melles Griot, Semrock, and ATFilms, Units of IDEX Corporation,  Corning Incorporated, Hellma USA Incorporated, IPG Photonics Corp., LaCroix Optical Co, Sydor Optics Inc, u2t Photonics AG, John Bruning, William Mimmack, G. Michael Morris, Charles and Judith Munnerlyn, Jannick and Kevin Rolland-Thompson, and James C. Wyant.


2019 - Allister I. Ferguson [Citation]

For extraordinary leadership creating major international optics and photonics research centers and programs that support the global optics and photonics community

2018 - Anna Consortini [Citation]

For her outstanding dedication to promoting optics at an international level with very valuable leadership in institutions and scientific societies like ICO (International Commission for Optics), ICTP, OSA, and SIOF.

2017 - Christopher Dainty [Citation]

for establishing the vision and effective organization of a long-planned and highly successful global celebration of the OSA centennial anniversary, with a focus on OSA’s next 100 years of innovation.

2016 - Martin Aufmuth [Citation]

For leadership in establishing and implementing the project “OneDollarGlasses”, a contribution that demonstrates how optics can improve living conditions of millions of people in developing countries.

2015 - John M. Dudley [Citation]

For his tireless support over many years of international collaboration in science, in particular his remarkable success in almost single-handedly creating the 2015 UNESCO International Year of Light

2014 - Robert P. Breault [Citation]

For pioneering leadership in the formation of global optics industry clusters

2013 - Mustafa Abushagur [Citation]

For leadership in education and entrepreneurship, which led to establishment of important programs, institutions and companies devoted to developing optics in the United States, the Middle East and North Africa

2012 - Thomas M. Baer [Citation]

for his initiation of the idea of LaserFest and his leadership in making LaserFest an extremely successful worldwide celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first demonstration of the laser.

2011 - Lluis Torner [Citation]

For leadership and advocacy of optics and photonics, and especially for the creation of the ICFO, an excellence center in optical research and a model for successful optics initiatives

2010 - Rod C Alferness [Citation]

For broad and inspiring leadership in terms of governing premier societies, chairing prestigious conferences, leading the research arm of Bell Laboratories, and spearheading the multi-institutional MONET consortium

2009 - Alan E Willner [Citation]

For several key contributions to optical science and engineering through professional society leadership, journal editorships, and education in the classroom and in short courses at conferences

2008 - Barry L. Shoop [Citation]

For leadership and vision in furthering optics education and humanitarian purposes, including founding the first engineering school in Afghanistan and his contribution to the global fight against terrorism, as expressed in his activities in the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization

2007 - Arpad A Bergh [Citation]

For his leadership role in establishing and leading the Optoelectronic Industries Development Association and making it the primary advocate for the optoelectronics industry in the U.S. over the past 12 years

2005 - Ravindra Anant Athale [Citation]

For visionary leadership within the optics community through research contributions, innovations in teaching, and ground-breaking technology programs that have brought together optoelectronics manufacturers and researchers

2004 - Costas Fotakis [Citation]

For his decade-long leadership of, and personal research contribution to, the field of laser applications to art conservation as manifested through publications, conference organization and international advocacy

2003 - Charles M. Vest [Citation]

For leadership in setting the national agenda for higher education and university research, including its impact on optics

2002 - Ellen Ochoa [Citation]

In recognition of her pioneering status as the first Hispanic woman astronaut, her unstinting efforts to serve as a positive role model for women in general, and Hispanic women in particular, and her generous contributions of time to the optics community.

2001 - Duncan T. Moore [Citation]

For technical, educational and service contributions to the worldwide optics community and for contributions in the public-policy arena during distinguished service to the government of the United States of America

2000 - Denis G. Pelli [Citation]

For his leadership in visual science and the resulting benefits to artists, scholars and the visually impaired. His work has made significant contributions that have transcended both interdisciplinary and international boundaries

1999 - Helmut K.V. Lotsch [Citation]

In recognition of his outstanding accomplishments as editor of optics related journals and books of the highest scientific standard, and his ability in attracting internationally acclaimed scientists to contribute to well integrated and rapid publications that disseminate new aspects of optical science and technology to the optical community worldwide.

1998 - Howard R. Schlossberg [Citation]

For providing outstanding services to the optical community and OSA as a program manager of AFOSR by exercising a unique vision in advocating and supporting pioneering research and graduate education in the field of optics

Allister I. Ferguson