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Nick Holonyak, Jr. Award

Nick Holonyak, Jr. Award

Presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to optics based on semiconductor-based optical devices and materials, including basic science and technological applications.

The award was established in 1997 to honor Nick Holonyak Jr., who has made distinguished contributions to the field of optics through the development of semiconductor based light emitting diodes and semiconductor lasers. It is endowed by SDL Ventures, LLC, and Donald and Carol Scifres.


2020 - Kei May Lau [Citation]

For significant contributions to hetero-epitaxy of compound semiconductors on silicon for future integrated lasers and advancing the field of light-emitting diode microdisplays

2019 - Fumio Koyama [Citation]

For seminal contributions to VCSEL photonics and integration

2018 - Dieter Bimberg [Citation]

For fundamental discoveries on growth and physics of semiconductor nanostructures leading to novel nanophotonic devices for information science and communications

2017 - Larry A Coldren [Citation]

For major contributions to photonic integrated circuits

2016 - Chennupati Jagadish [Citation]

For pioneering and sustained contributions to quantum-well, quantum-dot and nanowire optoelectronic devices and their integration

2015 - Qing Hu [Citation]

For his pioneering contribution to high-performance THz quantum-cascade lasers and their applications in imaging and sensing

2014 - Ching Wan Tang [Citation]

For the discovery of efficient thin-film organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), which has led to novel display and lighting products

2013 - Alessandro Tredicucci [Citation]

For demonstrating a terahertz quantum cascade device, the first compact injection laser in the far infrared

2012 - Kent D Choquette [Citation]

For contributions to the development of vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers

2011 - Yasuhiko Arakawa [Citation]

For seminal contributions to quantum dot lasers and nanophotonic devices

2010 - Dan Botez [Citation]

For fundamental contributions to high-power semiconductor lasers including active photonic-crystal structures for high coherent power generation; single-lobe grating-surface-emitting distributed-feedback lasers; and high-power, high-efficiency sources based on aluminum-free technology

2009 - John E Bowers [Citation]

For fundamental and technological advances in active hybrid silicon photonic devices including lasers, modulators, amplifiers and silicon based active photonic integrated circuits

2008 - Kam Yin Lau [Citation]

For seminal contributions to high-speed direct modulation of semiconductor lasers through enhanced differential optical gain

2007 - Connie J Chang-Hasnain [Citation]

For contributions to the control of diode lasers: vertical cavity surface emitting laser arrays, injection locking and slow light

2006 - James J Coleman [Citation]

For a career of contributions to quantum well and strained-layer semiconductor lasers through innovative epitaxial growth methods and novel device designs

2005 - P. Daniel Dapkus [Citation]

For seminal contributions to the development of metalorganic chemical vapor deposition and its application to quantum well laser devices

2004 - Peter G Eliseev [Citation]

For original and pioneering contributions to the physics and technology of semiconductor lasers, beginning with homojunctions, progressing to heterostructures of InGaAsP/InP, InGaAsSb/GaSb and including ultra-low-threshold quantum-dot structures

2003 - Joe Charles Campbell [Citation]

For contributions to the development of high-speed, low-noise avalanche photodiodes

2002 - Pallab K Bhattacharya [Citation]

For fundamental contributions to the development and understanding of quantum-dot lasers and other quantum-confined photonic devices

2001 - Shuji Nakamura [Citation]

For original demonstration and commercialization of GaN-based semiconductor lasers and LEDs

2000 - Zhores Ivanovich Alferov [Citation]

For his original investigations of heterostructure injection lasers and cw room temperature semiconductor lasers

1999 - Dennis G Deppe [Citation]

For the development of the oxide-confined vertical cavity surface-emitting laser

1998 - Magnus George Craford [Citation]

For his pioneering contributions and leadership in the research and development of visible-wavelength light-emitting-diode (LED) materials and devices, including the first yellow LED and high-brightness, red-orange-yellow InAlGaP LEDs that exceed in performance the incandescent lamp

Kei May Lau