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Max Born Award

Max Born Award

OSA's Max Born Award for opticsPresented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to physical optics, theoretical or experimental.

The award was established in 1982 to honor Max Born, who made distinguished contributions to physics in general and optics in particular. It is endowed by the United Technologies Research Center, Physical Optics Corporation, and individuals including Joseph Goodman.


2021 - Anne L'Huillier [Citation]

For pioneering work in ultrafast laser science and attosecond physics, realizing and understanding high harmonic generation and applying it to time-resolved imaging of electron motion in atoms and molecules.

2020 - Nader Engheta [Citation]

For pioneering contributions to optical metamaterials and nanoscale optics

2019 - Govind P Agrawal [Citation]

For sustained distinguished contributions to physical optics through innovative research on lasers, fiber-optical communications and nonlinear optics

2018 - Demetrios N Christodoulides [Citation]

For founding and continuing to lead the fields of Parity-Time non-Hermitian Optics and Accelerating Waves, and for groundbreaking contributions in multiple areas in Physical Optics

2017 - Miles John Padgett [Citation]

For contributions to optics and especially to optical momentum, including the optical spanner, the use of orbital angular momentum in communication systems, and an angular form of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox

2016 - Xiang Zhang [Citation]

For the experimental realization of major theoretical predictions in the field of metamaterials and graphene optics

2015 - John D Joannopoulos [Citation]

For numerous contributions to nanophotonics, including pioneering the "numerical experiments" approach for nanophotonics

2014 - Costas M Soukoulis [Citation]

For creative and outstanding theoretical and experimental research in the fields of photonic crystals and left-handed metamaterials, and for novel applications of these materials to manipulate electromagnetic radiation

2013 - Yaron Silberberg [Citation]

For seminal contributions in nonlinear and quantum optics, among them the first observation of optical discrete solitons, the prediction of spatio-temporal solitons and light bullets, pioneering experiments with temporal shaping of entangled photons and quantum control, and groundbreaking work in nonlinear microscopy

2012 - Jean Dalibard [Citation]

For groundbreaking theoretical work on atom-light interactions, including the elucidation of new laser cooling mechanisms, and for seminal experimental work on the optical manipulation of cold atoms and quantum gasses

2011 - Carlton M Caves [Citation]

For seminal contributions in quantum optics and information theory, including the foundations of quantum noise, the role of entanglement in quantum information processing, and the fundamental limits of quantum measurement

2010 - Vladimir M Shalaev [Citation]

For seminal contributions to both the theoretical framework and the experimental realization of optical metamaterials

2009 - Mordechai Segev [Citation]

For groundbreaking contributions in the field of optical spatial solitons

2008 - Peter W Milonni [Citation]

For exceptional contributions to the fields of theoretical optics, laser physics and quantum mechanics, and for dissemination of scientific knowledge through authorship of a series of outstanding books

2007 - Luigi Alberto Lugiato [Citation]

For pioneering theoretical contributions to the fields of optical bistability and instabilities, optical pattern formation, cavity solitons, squeezing and quantum imaging

2006 - Richart E Slusher [Citation]

For outstanding experimental contributions to quantum optics in squeezed state generation, in microcavity lasers, and in optical pulse propagation through periodic and nonlinear media

2005 - Alexander E Kaplan [Citation]

For seminal contributions to nonlinear interface and optical bistability effects, hysteretic resonances of a single electron, and physics of sub-femtosecond pulses

2004 - David E Pritchard [Citation]

For creative application of light to new forms of spectroscopy, to manipulation and trapping of atoms, and for pioneering the new fields of atom optics and atom interferometry

2003 - Howard J Carmichael [Citation]

For outstanding theoretical contributions to quantum optics through the understanding of quantum fluctuations, especially in the open systems of resonance fluorescence and cavity QED

2002 - John L Hall [Citation]

For pioneering the field of stable lasers, including their applications in fundamental physics and, most recently, in the stabilization of femtosecond lasers to provide dramatic advances in optical-frequency metrology

2001 - Bernard Yurke [Citation]

For contributions to theoretical and experimental research in basonic and fermionic squeezed states, back-action evading measurements, microwave radiation squeezing, Josephson parametric amplifiers, and the theory of local reality violations

2000 - Jagdeep Shah [Citation]

For his pioneering contributions in the field of optics and optoelectronics of semiconductors and their heterostructures

1999 - Alain Aspect [Citation]

For fundamental contributions to quantum optics, including experiments on the violation of Bell inequalities in atomic radiative cascade, and the manipulation of atoms by laser light

1998 - Peter A Zoller [Citation]

For his outstanding and leading theoretical contributions to quantum optics, especially in the fields of quantum computation, quantum communications and networking, and Bose-Einstein condensation

1997 - Boris Ya Zeldovich [Citation]

For his seminal contributions to the discovery and theoretical understanding of optical phase conjugation

1996 - H. Jeff Kimble [Citation]

For many original contributions to the field of quantum optics, including the definitive experiments on photon anti-bunching and a quantitative analysis of optical bistability

1995 - F. Tito Arecchi, V [Citation]

For many contributions to photon statistics of lasers, cooperative atomic radiation effects, and laser instabilities and chaos

1994 - Valerian I Tatarskii [Citation]

For his outstanding seminal contributions to the theory of wave propagation through random media, particularly optical propagation through atmospheric turbulence, as well as for his fundamental contributions to the fields of statistical and quantum optics

1992 - Rodney Loudon [Citation]

For seminal and sustained contributions to physical optics, including work on the quantum theory of light and the optical properties of solids

1991 - James Gordon [Citation]

For his manifold original contributions to physical optics, including masers, the theory of quantum noise in lasers and in optical communications, radiation pressure, ultrafast phenomena, and solitons in optical fibers, and for his fruitful and selfless assistance to so many others

1990 - Samuel L McCall [Citation]

For his pioneering theoretical and experimental contributions to self-induced transparency and optical bistability

1989 - Dietrich Marcuse [Citation]

For his outstanding contributions in developing the theoretical framework for light propagation in dielectric waveguides, complemented by his textbooks which have significantly impacted the education and training of optical scientists and engineers

1988 - Girish S Agarwal [Citation]

For extensive contributions to the understanding of the interaction of radiation with matter, particularly in the areas of coherence, superflourescence, bistability, and nonlinear surface phenomena

1987 - Emil Wolf [Citation]

For works that deal with the theory of partial coherence in the space-frequency domain, scattering and inverse scattering, phase conjugation, radiation, and radiometry

1986 - Herch Moyses Nussenzveig [Citation]

For distinguished and valuable contributions to the theory of Mie scattering and to the theories of the rainbow and the glory

1985 - Roy J Glauber [Citation]

For contributions to the understanding of coherence and coherent states and the extension of optical methods to an analysis of high energy scattering processes

1984 - Adolf W Lohmann No citation available

1983 - Joseph W Goodman No citation available

1982 - Leonard Mandel No citation available


2021 Recipient

Anne L'Huillier