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Ellis R. Lippincott Award

Ellis R. Lippincott Award

OSA's Ellis R. Lippincott AwardPresented to an individual who has made significant contributions to vibrational spectroscopy as judged by his or her influence on other scientists. Because innovation was a hallmark of Lippincott's work, this quality must also be demonstrated by candidates for the award. The award is presented at the national meeting of one of the sponsoring societies.

The award was established in 1975 to honor the unique contributions Ellis R. Lippincott made to the field of vibrational spectroscopy. It is jointly sponsored by OSA, the Coblentz Society and the Society for Applied Spectroscopy.



2021 - Rohit Bhargava [Citation]

For contributions to the fundamental physics and instrument engineering of mid-IR microscopy and its applications to medical imaging

2020 - Volker Deckert [Citation]

For on-going contributions to high resolution Raman spectroscopy in particular the realization of tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, allowing label-free structural surface characterisation down to the single molecule level

2019 - Ji-Xin Cheng [Citation]

For his outstanding contributions in inventing and developing a broad spectrum of vibrational spectroscopic imaging technologies with ground-breaking discoveries and clinical applications

2018 - Peter Hamm [Citation]

For his seminal contributions to developing multidimensional infrared, Raman and Terahertz spectroscopy and his pioneering studies of protein and hydrogen bonding dynamics in molecular liquids

2017 - Roberto D Merlin [Citation]

For discoveries and applications of phonons in semiconductor hetero- and nano-structures as well as advanced materials using visible and ultrafast x-ray spectroscopy

2016 - Thomas Elsaesser [Citation]

For seminal contributions to the understanding of the ultrafast coherent and incoherent vibrational dynamics of hydrogen bonds in liquids and biomolecules

2015 - Dana D Dlott [Citation]

For the development of methods to measure vibrational energy flow in molecules with ultrafast time and atomic length scale resolution

2014 - Andrei Tokmakoff [Citation]

For innovations in two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy and its application to molecular structure and dynamics, especially in complex aqueous and biomolecular systems

2013 - Xiaoliang Sunney Xie [Citation]

For his pioneering contributions to the development of nonlinear vibrational imaging, including coherent anti-Stokes Raman and stimulated Raman scattering microscopy, and its applications to chemistry, biology and medicine

2012 - Keith A Nelson [Citation]

For his innovations in the development of impulsive stimulated Raman scattering and its applications to the ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy of phonons and intermolecular liquid dynamics

2011 - Isao Noda [Citation]

For developing two-dimensional infrared correlation spectroscopy, a method that has been expanded to other probing methods and utilized for studying the structure spectrum correlation for a wide range of materials

2010 - Martin Moskovits [Citation]

For fundamental and continuing contributions to the field of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, and proposing its fundamental enhancing mechanism based on the excitation of localized surface plasmons

2009 - Michael D Fayer [Citation]

For seminal contributions to the understanding of dynamics and interactions in liquids through development and applications of ultrafast nonlinear vibrational experimental methods and spectroscopy

2008 - Richard P Van Duyne [Citation]

For the discovery, development, and application of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy in ways that have profoundly influenced vibrational spectroscopy, surface science, electrochemistry, ultrasensitive chemical/biological sensing, and applications in plasmonics

2007 - Jonathan Tennyson [Citation]

For his contributions to theory and simulations of rotational-vibrational spectra of small molecules and applications for practical purposes

2006 - Hai-Lung Dai [Citation]

For seminal studies of structure/dynamics of radicals, highly excited molecules, adsorbates and buried interfaces at surfaces through innovative spectroscopic techniques, and for demonstrating extraordinarily efficient transition-dipole-mediated vibrational energy transfer

2005 - Jaan Laane [Citation]

For innovative use of vibrational spectroscopy to determine molecular structure and unravel complex intramolecular dynamics

2004 - Richard A Mathies [Citation]

For innovative contributions to experimental and interpretive methods in resonance Raman spectroscopy, and the application of these methods to elucidate ultrafast dynamical processes in photochemistry and photobiology

2003 - Shaul Mukamel [Citation]

For the development and application of formalism for the design and understanding of nonlinear optical experiments on molecular vibrations

2002 - Sanford Asher [Citation]

For pioneering the development of ultraviolet Raman methods and demonstrating their applications to vibrational spectroscopy in analytical, biophysical, and materials chemistry

2001 - Lester Andrews [Citation]

For prodigious vibrational spectroscopic investigations of a wide range of novel reactive chemical species that are important in chemical reactions, in catalysis, and in furthering quantum chemical calculations of vibrational frequencies

2000 - Donald H Levy [Citation]

For invention of supersonic jet spectroscopy and numerous applications to important molecular problems

1999 - Mitsuo Tasumi [Citation]

For outstanding contributions to vibrational spectroscopy in studying the structures and dynamics of synthetic polymers, proteins, photosynthetic systems, and a number of related small molecules

1998 - Takeshi Oka [Citation]

For his pioneering development of vibrational spectroscopy of molecular ions and the application of this work to the observation of ions in interstellar space and planetary atmospheres

1997 - Robin M Hochstrasser [Citation]

For his seminal contributions to the development of modern ultrafast IR and visible laser techniques and their application to the study of condensed phase dynamics, including molecular energy transfer, structural change, and chemical reactions

1996 - Giuseppe Zerbi No citation available

1995 - Giacinto Scoles [Citation]

For his pioneering contributions to the development of new molecular beam methods for vibrational spectroscopy, which have led to fundamental advances in our knowledge of weakly bound molecules and larger clusters and in our understanding of the mechanisms of intramolecular vibrational redistribution

1994 - Herbert L Strauss [Citation]

For 30 years of distinguished work to elucidate the complex dynamics of large molecules in condensed phases. His innovative and skillfully performed experiments and application of theory demonstrate the consequences of molecular motion in vibrational spectra

1993 - John F Rabolt No citation available

1992 - Richard James Saykally No citation available

1990 - Robert W Field No citation available

1989 - Marilyn E Jacox [Citation]

For seminal contributions in matrix-isolation spectroscopy research

1988 - Andreas Albrecht No citation available

1987 - C. Bradley Moore No citation available

1986 - Wolfgang Kaiser No citation available

1985 - Ira W Levin No citation available

1984 - Jon Torger Hougen No citation available

1983 - John Overend No citation available

1982 - Michel Delhaye No citation available

1981 - Ian M Mills No citation available

1980 - George C Pimentel No citation available

1979 - E. Bright Wilson No citation available

1978 - Bryce L Crawford No citation available

1977 - Lionel Bellamy No citation available

1976 - Richard C Lord No citation available


Rohit Bhargava