Distinguished Service Award

Stephen D. Fantone Distinguished Service Award

OSA Distinguished Service Award

Presented to individuals who, over an extended period of time, have served the Optical Society in an outstanding way, especially through volunteer participation in its management, operation or planning in such ways as editorship of a periodical, organization of meetings, or other service to the Society. 

The award was established in 1973 by the OSA Board of Directors in memory of Stephen M. MacNeille and is endowed by the American Optical Corporation and contributions from individual members. In 2013, the award was named in honor of Stephen D. Fantone.

It is usually presented in even-numbered years only.

2018 - Robert M. Jopson [Citation]

For 25 years of enthusiastic service, principled leadership, and tenacious commitment to OSA's publications, conferences, processes, and especially its membership.

2016 - G. Michael Morris [Citation]

For extraordinary contributions to the OSA, including distinguished service as OSA President and a key role in the formation and leadership of the OSA Foundation.

2014 - Anthony J. Campillo [Citation]

For sustained leadership, vision, and considerable voluntary attention to the quality and impact of OSA publications

2012 - Joseph H Eberly [Citation]

For outstanding service as founding editor of the groundbreaking journal, Optics Express, leadership while serving as President, and his deep commitment in serving OSA in many other ways

2010 - Gary C. Bjorklund [Citation]

For long and distinguished service to the optics profession, including extraordinary leadership in guiding the OSA Foundation through its initial years and leading it to an impressive set of accomplishments

2008 - Bahaa E.A. Saleh [Citation]

For distinguished service to the Optical Society of America and the optics and photonics community, and for leadership in the area of publications

2007 - Stephen D. Fantone [Citation]

For outstanding vision, leadership and service in setting the financial policies and procedures for the Society that provide financial stability and opportunity

2004 - Alexander A. Sawchuk [Citation]

For 23 years of dedicated service to the Optical Society of America including vital contributions to publications, meetings, international relations, and general governance

2002 - Boris P. Stoicheff [Citation]

For exceptional volunteer service to OSA over three decades including the Presidency, the Board of Directors, the Publications Council, the Society Objectives and Planning Committee, and various other committees

1998 - Paul L. Kelley [Citation]

In recognition of three decades of service to the optical community. He has been a major contributor to a transformation in the dissemination of technical information, in the organization of meeting on optical science and technology, and in OSA itself. His wisdom, consideration, and intellectual integrity are esteemed by all.

1994 - F. Dow Smith [Citation]

For his contributions to the health of the optics community as a member of numerous committees, chair of Technical Council, treasure, and president of the Society

1993 - Jarus W. Quinn [Citation]

For nearly a quarter-century of enthusiastic service and leadership in the scientific community as executive director of the Optical Society of America

1990 - Patricia Wakeling No citation available

1988 - Franklin S. Harris Jr. [Citation]

For dedicated service to the technical community as an indexer of optical literature

1987 - John N. Howard [Citation]

For service to the Society during a quarter century as editor of Applied Optics

1985 - Karl G. Kessler [Citation]

For service to the Society, including his presidency in 1969, as well as service to the broader community of optical scientists and engineers through research, and leadership of the research efforts in atomic and molecular physics at the National Bureau of Standards

1979 - Archie I. Mahan No citation available

1977 - Stanley S. Ballard [Citation]

No formal citation, refer to Optics News/ Winter 1977/ Page 23.

1973 - Mary E. Warga [Citation]

In appreciation of her advancement of the field of optics by her long devotion to the Society's affairs, in token acknowledgment of the multitude of friendly contacts that she has personally fostered in the Society's behalf, in gratitude for her so ably representing the Society in inter-society affairs, and in sincere recognition of the high esteem in which she is held by her many friends and colleagues.

2018 Recipient

Robert M. Jopson